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  • Faculty

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    Name Designation Specialization E-mail Phone*
    Dr. Anshuman Dalvi
    (Head of the Department) 
    Associate Professor  Condensed Matter adalvi  5288 Personal Website 
    Dr. D. D. Pant
    Laser Spectroscopy
    ddpant   Personal Website 
    Dr. Debashis Bandyopadhyay 
    Condensed Matter 
    5729 Personal Website  
    Dr. Biswanath Layek Assistant Professor Particle Physics layek 5661
    Personal Website
    Dr. Kaushar Vaidya Assistant Professor Astronomy kaushar 5685
    Dr. Kusum Lata Associate Professor Atomic collisions kusum 5210
    Dr. Madhukar Mishra Assistant Professor HE Particle Physics madhukar 5680
    Personal Website
    Dr. Manjuladevi V. Associate  
    Soft Condensed Matter manjula 5657
    Personal Website
    Dr. Navin Singh Assistant Professor Soft Condensed Matter (Theory) navin 5659
    Personal Website
    Dr. Niladri Sarkar Assistant Professor Condensed Matter niladri 5653
    Dr. R R Mishra Professor Spectroscopy rrmishra 5607
    Personal Website
    Dr. Raj Kumar Gupta Associate Professor Soft Condensed Matter raj 5648
    Personal Website
    Dr. Rakesh Choubisa Associate Professor Atomic Physics rchoubisa 5647
    Personal Website
    Dr. Rishikesh Vaidya Assistant Professor Theoretical Particle Physics rishikesh 5656
    Personal Website
    Dr. S N Karbelkar Associate Professor Theoretical Physics, Optics subhash  5635
    Personal Website
    Dr. Srijata Dey Assistant Professor Condensed Matter srijata 5639
    Personal Website
    Dr. Tapomoy Guha Sarkar 
    Assistant Professor Theoretical Cosmology tapomoy 5712
    Personal Website
    Dr. Jayendra Nath Bandyopadhyay Assistant Professor Quantum Biology, Quantum Chaos, and Quantum Information jayendra 5713
    Personal Website
    Dr. Subhashis Gangopadhyay Assistant Professor Experimental Solid State Physics
    subha 5714
    Personal Website
    Dr. Amol Holkundkar        Assistant Professor Laser plasma interaction
    Personal Website
    Dr. S. Sindhu
    Molecular Electronics sindhunair +91-80-41161200 Personal Website
    Gyanan Off Campus

  • Research Scholars

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    Name Designation Specialisation E-mail Tel. Website
    Munesh Rathore Ph.D. Student (Completed)
    Material Science munesh.rathore 5237
    Amar Singh Ph.D. Student (Completed) Soft Condensed Matter (Theory) amar.singh 5237
    Karthik C Ph.D. Student (Completed) Soft Condensed Matter karthik.c 5237
    Sunita Joshi Ph.D. Student (Completed) Condensed Matter
    Devanarayanan V. P. Ph.D. Student  Optics devan 5237
    Monika Poonia Ph.D. Student (Completed) Condensed Matter monika.poonia 5237
    Keerti Chowdhury Ph.D. Student Condensed Matter keerti.chowdhury 5237
    Jitendra Kumar Ph.D. Student (Completed) Condensed Matter
    Ravi Trivedi Ph.D. Student (Completed) Condensed Matter ravi.trivedi 5237
    Kapil Dhaka Ph.D. Student (Completed) Quantum Chemistry    kapil.dhaka 5237
    Surender Pratap Ph.D. Student Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics surender.pratap 5237
    Tej Varma Y. Ph.D. Student (Completed) Spectroscopy tej.varma 5237  Personal Website
    Tridev A Mishra Ph.D. Student 
    Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics  tridev.mishra 5237  Personal Website 
    Captain Rituraj Singh Ph.D. Student   Nuclear and Particle Physcs               
    Prachi Venkat  Ph.D. Student    Plasma Physics      
    Shivani Choudhary     Ph.D. Student   Plasma Physics      
    Rashmi Jangir Ph.D. Student Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics      
    Sumita Choudhary   Ph.D. Student   Nuclear Physics       
     M. R. M. Palani P Raja  Ph.D. Student   
     Condensed Matter Physics 
     L. Raja                 Ph.D. Student     Condensed Matter Physics       
     Ashis Pal
     Arghya Maity  
     Soft Condensed Matter(Theory)
    Ishan Mata
     Mathematical Physics
    Pradeep K. Yadav
     High Energy Physics
     J V N Sharma
    Ph.D. Student
     Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
    Neelakshi Sharma    Ph.D. Student Material Science   
     Aditi Mandal   Ph.D. Student     Atomic Physics   
     Parul Taneja    Ph.D. Student Condensed Matter   
    Mayanglambam Dinachandra Ph.D. Student    Material Science   
     Rajeev Dutt Ph.D. Student Soft Condensed Matter   

  • Alumni Scholars

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    Name Designation Specialisation E-mail Tel. Website
    Manish Kumar Ph.D. Student Condensed Matter manish
     Personal Website
    Neha Gupta Ph.D. Student Material Science neha
    Personal Website
    Rasmita Sahoo Ph.D. Student Theoretical Physics rasmita
    Personal Website

  • Assistants

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    Name Designation Specialisation E-mail Tel. Website
    Srikant Sharma Teaching Assistant
    ssharma 5237
    Personal Website
    Rajeev Gaur Technical Assistant      5237  

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