Department of Physics


Opportunities for PhD Candidates

The Department is very vibrant in conducting research and development in diverse fields of physics and interdisciplinary areas. The trust area of the department is condensed matter-material science and theoretical physics. There are a good combination of experimentalists and theoreticians in the department. We have a world class of research infrastructure including sophisticated equipment viz. XRD, FESEM, AFM, confocal microscope, surface enhanced Raman spectrometer. The department is also supported by the Department of Science and Technology, India with FIST programme. 
You can apply to the PhD programme of BITS Pilani through BITS Admission ( against the floated advertisement. We enroll PhD students every semester. 
We encourage the candidates having their own fellowship through NET or equivalent. 
For any details, you can contact:
Prof Rakesh Choubisa
HOD, Physics