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Technology Business Incubator

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About Us

TBI@BITS Hyderabad aims to provide a low cost and resource intensive sandbox where entrepreneurs can develop their product, services or process ideas towards commercialization. TBI@BITS Hyderabad provides office and lab space equipment, seed funding and vitally, mentorship from an international network of successful business leaders.
Prospective entrepreneurs, BITS students, faculty, staff and alumni are invited to engage with TBI in a friendly and hassle free environment. Professional staff will quickly gauge your requirements and provide custom-made services and solutions in a timely manner.
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Major Thrust Areas

The major thrust areas identified for the TBI are :
  • ICT for healthcare; web, smartphone and tablets for diagnostics and telemedicine.
  • Microelectromechanical devices (MEMS); devices with miniature and precision components for diagnostics, POC healthcare, etc.
  • Other ICT: Social media, edutainment, e-commerce, etc.
  • Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals.
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Corporate and legal :
We offer each accepted company free office space in the heart of Hyderabad for four months, a ton of perks and discounts, and most importantly, access to a massive network of mentors and advisers. 
Empanelled and vetted professionals have been engaged to provide the following services:
1. Company registration and liaison with ROC
2. PAN cards, digital signature, etc.
3. Partnership firm deed preparation and registration
4. Financial and advisory services
5. Utilization certificates for funds/grants
Short courses to prepare first generation entrepreneurs:
1. Business and marketing plan writing
2. Financial management
3. IP management
Consultancy on mutually agreeable terms
1. Biological Sciences
2. Chemical, Civil, Mechanical engineering and EEE
3. ICT
4. Library Access on paid basis.
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Office Infrastructure :

• Office space of 4,500 SFT with 11 individual cabins/offices 

• 35 individual work-stations, meeting room and conference room
• Biotech/Pharma lab of 2000SFT, with 5 individual lab spaces and a 1000 SFT common area and Common equipment's are          industrial grade centrifuge, table top centrifuges, mammalian cell culture room, etc.
• MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) lab of 2650 SFT . Common equipment are high–end circuit design software, silicon wafer processing equipment such as spin coater, wet bench, probe station, thin-film depositor, etc.
• “ICT for Healthcare” lab of 1200 SFT has smart-phones for app development and diagnostics applications, high-end servers etc.
• Common facilities like Photocopiers, Scanner, Fax machine, High speed internet, Printer, Telephone Line, Teleconferencing       facilities, Meeting/Conference room with projection equipment.
3D Printing Zone
MEMS clean room with MEMS design S/W, automated thin film deposition system, spin coater, baking oven, wet bench, photolithography, furnace, etc.
Thrust Area Equipment Lab Facility
• Highend Servers and workstations for ASIC design
• Tablet PCs/Smartphones for Telemedicine (android/windows)
• Desktop PCs for telemedicine software development
• PDK and cost of chip fabrication
• ARM-based Development Boards and Tools for mobile diagnostics
• Logic Analyzer for IC testing
• Spectrum Analyzer for IC function
• Automated Thin Film deposition system
• Furnace with 4 tubes and temperature controller for MEMS
• Spin coater
• Baking oven (MEMS)
• Wet Clean station with Fume hood
• Probe Station
• Photolithography equipment
• Polymer molding facility
• Liquid nitrogen plant
• BS2 sterile room
• Industry scale centrifuge 
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Contact Us :

Technology Business Incubator (TBI)
BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus
Jawahar Nagar, Sameerpet Mandal
Hyderabad-500078, INDIA
Ph: 040- 66303873
Fax: 040- 66303873

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