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Department of Chemical Engineering

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The Department of Chemical Engineering at BITS-Pilani, Pilani Campus is one of the premier departments in the country that provides a unique educational and research environment. We have a major emphasis on interdisciplinary and industrial collaborations. Our primary missions are to educate undergraduate and graduate students, and to discover and disseminate knowledge through research.
The Department is committed to achieving excellence in these activities, and evaluates the success and leadership of its programs using the highest standards of quality, innovation, & visibility, while at the same time providing a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Our goal is to provide to our students strong fundamentals complemented by professional skills including communication. Our other important goal is to produce students and faculty who will become leaders in their areas.
Vision: To excel in teaching/learning, innovative research and industry engagement and to disseminate the same in order to become a world leader in chemical engineering and allied interdisciplinary areas.
  • To impart quality education and training in chemical engineering and associated fields to enable the students to imbibe technical and analytical skills through the culture of logical and critical thinking.
  • To inculcate sense of social and environmental responsibility among students which inspires them to apply chemical engineering principles in solving industrial problems through sustainable and eco-friendly technologies for the betterment of industry and nation. 
  • To establish modern infrastructure and conducive research environment for carrying out academic and sponsored research.
  • To foster spirit of excellence and professional leadership in students and faculty members through exposure to leading academic institutions, research organizations and external experts.
  • To generate suitable opportunities for sustained interaction and collaboration with academia and industry.

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The department is capable of undertaking contract research projects sponsored by a company, commercial organization or institution with a predefined work scope and schedule.  We also can work closely with companies to define project goals and tailor the project to meet specific needs.
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We offer several courses under First Degree, Higher Degree, and Doctoral Programmes. The course details can be accessed here.

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Student Activities

The following are some association formed by Chemical engineering students on campus :


Department of Chemical Engineering has organized International Conference on Nanotechnology for Sustainable Living & Environment (ICON-NSLE-2022) during 14-16, April 2022, through online mode. Please visit the website for further details.
Website: https://iconnslebitsp.in/   

Latest News


Dr. Somak Chatterjee and Prof. Banasri Roy received an industrial consultancy project worth 8.0 Lakhs. 


Dr. Sarbani Ghosh is awarded Startup Research Grant (SRG) by DST-SERB. 

Grant amount: 32.989 Lakhs. 


Dr. Somak Chatterjee is awarded Startup Research Grant (SRG) by DST-SERB.

Grant amount: 27.379 Lakhs. 


Abhinav Ernam ( 2018A1PS0450P) secured All India Rank of 28 in GATE 2021. Congratulations! 

Anshuman Shukla (2015A1PS0769P) secured All India Rank of 69 in GATE 2021. Congratulations!

Prof. Banasri Roy, Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering is awarded SERB-POWER (Promoting Opportunities for Women in Exploratory Research) Fellowship by Department of Science and Technology.
Amount: 38.10 Lakhs
Mr. Kishlay Jha (2017A1PS0580P), B.E. Chemical Engineering student has scored 99.73 percentile in CAT 2020.
Ms. Riya Gupta (2017A1PS0681P), B.E. Chemical Engineering student has scored 99.66 percentile in CAT 2020.
The department of Chemical Engineering, BITS Pilani congratulates Ms. Linisha Biswal for winning the GOLD AWARD under Research Scholar category during CII MILCA 2020 programme  for her work on conductive polymeric beads for effluent treatment under the supervision of Dr. Somak Chatterjee. 
Mr. Astitva Kumar Gupta (2019A1PS0694P), B.E. Chemical Engineering student has won the prestigious 2019-2020 Freshman Recognition Award by The American Institute of Chemical Engineering (AIChE).
Mr. Gaurav Bellal Natesh (2018A1PS0027P), B.E. Chemical Engineering student has been awarded with the 2019-2020 Donald F. Othmer Sophomore Academic Excellence Award by The American Institute of Chemical Engineering (AIChE).
The Department of Chemical engineering, BITS Pilani would like to congratulate winners of the Academic Writing Competition .   
1st prize: Ms. Priya S. Tanvidka
2nd prize: Mr. Prateek Sharma
3rd prize: Mr. S. Anil Kumar

Recent Events


Department has organized an invited talk on "Microflow technologies for controlling fast chemical reactions: from fundamentals of mass and heat transfer to large-scale productions" by Shusaku Asano, Assistant Professor; Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering,
Kyushu University, Japan. Date and Time: 4-Dec-2021, 11 AM (IST) 4 PM.

Department has organized an invited talk on “Methodology Of Gas Adsorption Process Design: Application To CO2 Capture And Biogas Upgrading.” by Prof. Jose A.C Silva, Adjunct Professor, Adjunct Professor; Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão. Instituto Politécnico de Bragança, Campus de Santa Apolonia, Portugal, on 17-November-2021.


Department of Chemical Engineering organized an invited talk on "Physico-chemical aspects in controlling properties of natural graphene-like nanocarbon in multifunctional materials."  by  Prof. Natalia Rozhkova, Head of the laboratory of Physical chemical study of Nanomaterials, Institute of Geology, Karelian Research Center RAS, Russia, on 14-October-2021 (Thursday), 4 PM. 
Department of Chemical Engineering organized an invited talk on "Understanding the importance of Dust Hazards – Prevention and Mitigation" by Dr. Sonny Sachdeva, Principal Safety Engineer, Process Safety & Reliability Group (PSRG), Texas, USA, on 09-09-2021(Thursday),

Title: Utilization of High-Performance Computing for Internal Combustion Engines.
An invited talk by Dr. Kaushik Saha, Assistant Professor, Center for Energy Studies, IIT-Delhi,  was organized by the Department of Chemical Engineering on 28/08/2021. 
An invited talk on 03/04/2021 by Prof. Sunil Lohani Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering School of Engineering, Kathmandu University, Nepal.

Title: Resource Recovery and Circular Economy of Organic Waste Using Anaerobic Digestion

An invited talk by Prof. Ranganayakulu Chennu, Visiting Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, BITS-Pilani, Pilani Campus is organized on 13 March 2021

Talk Title: Design & Development of Environmental Control Systems and Compact Heat Exchangers for Aerospace Applications and associated Research areas.

An invited talk by Prof. Sirshendu De, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur is organized on 12 February 2021

Talk Title: Indigenous Technologies: From the Laboratory to the Field. 

 A talk is organized by the Department of Chemical Engineering, BITS Pilani
Speaker: Prof. Yong Tae Park
    Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, 

   Myongji University, Korea

Title:      Layer-by-Layer Assembled Multi-Functional Nano Thin Films
Date:      28.11.2020
Time:     11:00-11:50 am
A Webinar on “The Chemical Sciences: A Touch of History and the Future” by Prof. Arvind Kumar Sharma, was organized by BITS Pilani Library in association with the Royal Society Of Chemistry and Department of Chemical Engineering on 7th November 2020. 
Here is the link to download the presentation slides:
A talk on the topic "Fluoropolymers and its applications" was organized by  the Chemical Engineering department.
Speaker-Mr. Kapil Malhotra (Sr. Vice President Marketing  Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited)
A talk on Bioprocess Development and Scale-up: Biomaterial, Biobutanol, and Bioethanol was conducted by Dr. Sandeep Mora (from Merck (MSD), US ) on  3.10.2020.

Publications and Patents

  • Prateek Sharma, Subhadip Sen, Pratik N. Sheth, B.N. Mohapatra, Multizone model of a refused derived fuel gasification: A thermodynamic Semi-empirical approach, Energy Conversion and Management, Volume 260, 2022, 115621, ISSN 0196-8904. Link

  • Tanvidkar, P., Appari, S. & Kuncharam, B.V.R. A review of techniques to improve performance of metal organic framework (MOF) based mixed matrix membranes for CO2/CH4 separation. Rev Environ Sci Biotechnol (2022). Link

  • S. Anil, S. Indraja, R. Singh, S. Appari, B. Roy, A review on ethanol steam reforming for hydrogen production over Ni/Al2O3 and Ni/CeO2 based catalyst powders, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Volume 47, Issue 13, 2022, Pages 8177-8213, ISSN 0360-3199, Link

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  • Nirmal Kumar, S., Appari, S. & Kuncharam, B.V.R. Techniques for Overcoming Sulfur Poisoning of Catalyst Employed in Hydrocarbon Reforming. Catal Surv Asia (2021). Link 

  • Pani, A.K. Non-linear process monitoring using kernel principal component analysis: A review of the basic and modified techniques with industrial applications. Braz. J. Chem. Eng. (2021). Link
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  • Linisha Biswal, Joseph E. Goodwill, Christoph Janiak & Somak Chatterjee, Versatility, Cost Analysis, and Scale-up in Fluoride and Arsenic Removal Using Metal-organic Framework-based Adsorbents, Separation & Purification Reviews,2021 Link 

  • Shailee Gaur, Suresh Gupta & Amit Jain, Characterization and oil recovery application of biosurfactant produced during bioremediation of waste engine oil by strain Pseudomonas aeruginosa gi|KP 16392| isolated from Sambhar salt lake, Bioremediation Journal, 2021. Link
  • Sarbani Ghosh,† Maximilian Moser,† Johannes Gladisch,†  Tania Cecilia Hidalgo, et al., Controlling Electrochemically Induced Volume Changes in Conjugated Polymers by Chemical Design: from Theory to Devices, Advanced Functional Materials, 2100723, 2021. Link
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