Department of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

    AIChE Student Chapter

    American Institute of Chemical Engineers, BITS Pilani Students Chapter

    Executive Committee 2020-21

    PostStudent ExecutiveStudent Email ID
    PresidentAarushi Rustagi
    Vice PresidentGaurav Bellal Natesh
    SecretaryHimanshu Chaturvedi
    Research & Development Team HeadMeghna Gupta
    Research & Development Team CoordinatorBhavesh Arora
    Relations and Publicity Team HeadSriram Gupta Voruganti
    Relations and Publicity Team CoordinatorHimanshu Singh
    Sponsorship and Publicity Team HeadTarun Malik
    Sponsorship and Publicity Team CoordinatorDhruv Mehta
    Events and Logistics Team HeadAnuj Agarwal Manoj
    Events and Logistics Team CoordinatorDhruv Bansal

    IIChE Student Chapter

    Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, BITS Pilani Students Chapter

    Executive Committee 2022

    PostStudent ExecutiveStudent Email ID
    Chairperson (Sem-1)Cyril Benny
    Chairperson (Sem-2)Arsh Kumbhat
    Vice-ChairpersonDeep Jain
    Secretary & TreasurerRamestha Prince
    Research and DevelopmentSwaranjali Srivastava
    APOGEE joint coordinatorAryan Verma
    APOGEE joint coordinatorVanshika Goel
    Publicity & Design HeadShrish Kuthe
    Publicity & Design Co-HeadAman KumarShukla

    Chemical Engineering Association

    Vision of ChEA

    The Chemical Engineering Association aims to bridge the gap between students and academicians in the field of Chemical Engineering, by bringing up various topics in interactive ways.
    ● We aim to make the Chemical Engineering Department a well-rounded one by strengthening the ties between the professors and students.
    ● The Chemical Engineering Association aims to develop the chemical and allied engineering professions by enabling the success of all members and stakeholders.
    ● We also help bolster current communities and establish new and pertinent ones by creating dependable information, and also improve academic instruction and encourage lifetime learning throughout one’s career.
    ● With the help of IDEAL, we also focus on increasing the profession's equity, diversity, and inclusion.

    Kernel Events

    1. APOGEE Events:

    ● Chem-E Trade: A game-based event that tests analytical, trading and bargaining skills to trade industrial items and build your own industries based on global events and news.

    ● Dexter’s Laboratory: A treasure hunt-themed quiz based on the world of the cartoon character Dexter.

    ● Labyrinth: A maze board game with small holes on the surface on which hydrophobic paint will be sprayed. Water droplets are to be guided from the entry to the exit without letting them fall into the holes.

    2. Farewell: The Farewell is celebrated as a final goodbye from the entire Department to the senior most batch of students.

    3. Teachers Day: The Teachers' Day Celebrations are hosted every year to celebrate the Professors and the efforts they put in throughout the year. Students put up special performances and engage the professors in a few fun games.

    4. Engineers Day:
    We celebrated Engineers’ Day with a talk by Dr. Madhukar Garg, President, Refining R&D, Reliance Industries was organized to mark the occasion. The talk was followed by a seminar where students from all programs of Chemical Engineering Department showed their research work in the form of poster, review paper, and prototype. They were judged by Faculty members of the Chemical Engineering department, on the basis of their communication, comprehension, and research.
    5. Extropy:
    Extropy was launched by CHEA in 2017 with the goal of promoting chemical engineering among students. It was an annual gathering of students from different academic fields to experience the captivating world of chemical engineering. Along with research paper presentations, numerous events are planned, including workshops, exhibitions, and competitions. It offers an opportunity for all building chemical engineers to engage in competition, idea exchange, teamwork, learning, and fun all under one roof.
    Brief History:
    Every APOGEE, the Chemical Engineering Association (ChEA) has successfully conducted all 3 kernel events with great success, recording enthusiastic participation figures from students. We also conduct Chem-E-Talks regularly, highlighting various topics from the Chemical Engineering field and their importance.

    Executive Committee 2022-23

    PORSelected CandidateEmail ID
    SecretaryJayesh Gupta
    Joint SecretaryKushagra Gupta
    Apogee CoordinatorDeep Jain
    Joint Apogee CoordinatorKunal Chaturvedi
    TreasurerNishit Gupta
    Technical HeadAikagra Agarwal
    Content Head Aarushi Roy
    Outreach HeadAbhay Thakur