Anshuman Dalvi

Professor, Department of Physics,
BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus

Condensed Matter
Department of Physics, Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani- 333031, Rajasthan. India.
Chamber: Room No 2243-J Faculty Affairs Division, BITS Pilani


Courses in Current Semester


  • 2019-20 I

  • Electromagnetic Theory-I


Courses Taught


  • Electromagnetic Theory-I (Griffiths)
  • Solid State Physics (C. Kittel)
  • Physics I (Mechanics, oscillations and Waves, Klappner and Kolenkow + A P French) - also to class of 400
  • Physics II (Electricity and Magnetism, Resnick Halloday & Griffiths) also to class of 400
  • Methods of experimental Physics
  • Structure and properties of materials (B D Callister)
  • Physics of Advanced Materials (Kittel, Callister, notes)
  • Instrumental methods of analysis
  • IC Fabrication Technology ( for ME microelectronics, Sze)
  • Electrical sciences (Bobrow)
  • Advanced Physics Laboratory
  • Physics (Measurement techniques I) laboratory


Research Interests


Prof. Dalvi has created materials Physics laboratory in the Physics department, dedicated to solid state ionics research. His lab is equipped with characterization facility for Li+ and Na+ ion glass-ceramics, NASICON-polymer hybrid composites for Li+/Na+ ion battery and supercapacitor applications. Recently, all-solid state battery and all-solid state supercapacitor fabrication and testing facilities have also been added.

Current research in progress:

  • Development and characterization of Na+ ion polymer-NASICON hybrids and Na+ ion batteries
  • Development and characterization of Li+ ion polymer-NASICON hybrids and Li+ ion batteries
  • Supercapacitor fabrication and testing
  • Ionic-Liquid glass composites for all-solid-state battery applications
  • Sol-gel derived NASICON based systems: fundamentals and applications


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