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Department of Management DoM, BITS Pilani is positioning itself amongst the country's premier management institutes. Over the past few years, our interface with the business world has been accelerated. The belief the corporate world places on the quality of management education that DoM, BITS Pilani imparts is amply reflected in the placement offers that the students have been receiving year after year. The students at DoM, BITS Pilani appear for final placements during their third semester (between October to December), this is the time period between which most of the students generally get placed. In the fourth semester, the students are required to take-up a structured and an evaluative internship for a period of 6 months as part of the Practice school (PS). During this time, the students work on real-time projects in domains of their interest. Usually, the students who are placed before December essentially undergo their Practice School in the companies that they are selected in. However, the Practice School Division (PSD) of the institute allots PS stations to rest of the students who often get Placement Offers (POs) upon the completion of the Practice School (PS). Some of our major recruiters have been- Idea, JP Morgan Chase, Oracle, Aditya Birla Group (IT), Airtel, P & G, J & J, Credit Suisse, Capgemini, Genpact, HSBC, Cognizant, NBC bearings, Lindstrom, imshealth, HILTI, TCS, Sprinklr, Ernst & Young, Futures First, Indiamart and so on.

Placement Statistics

Practice School

Practice School (PS) is an educational innovation seeking to link industry experience with university instruction. PS creates the required setting for experiential and cooperative learning and education, by providing students with an opportunity to work on relevant assignments under the guidance of professional experts and the supervision of faculty members, following a structured rigorous program. Consequently, Practice School serves as a platform that facilitates and promotes partnership and intellectual exchange between academia and industry.

Average stipend offered to the 2017-19 batch of students during their 6 months' Practice School internship is Rs. 28,000 per month (approx.). In the last three years, students from the Department of Management have done their 6 months' Practice School internship in more than 50 companies.

Past Practice School Stations

Following are some of our practice school stations:

Summer Internship


Learning from textbooks, lectures and other study material is necessary to create a strong foundation for management students. But in order to give them insights into the real corporate world it is necessary to provide them a taste of practical side of things. Therefore, industrial learning forms a principal part of managerial studies helping the students gain hands on experience and identify their prospective areas of work in the overall organizational function. Hence the management department at BITS, Pilani offers an two-month integrated exposure to the industries in the form of summer internships in reputed organizations. Students are involved in this internship at the end of their second semester. This opportunity also serves as the ground work for the placement season to come in the next semester.

Summer Internship Stations

Some of the organizations where our students completed their summer internship in the recent past are mentioned below.

Recruitment Process

Placement Committee contacts the companies, new firms and invites them to campus for final recruitment/summer internship drives. We act as a link between the recruiters and students. We are responsible for the hospitality of the visiting recruiters and conduct the placement drive smoothly. We also manage the database of students as per the needs of recruiters, conduct training and workshops expected as per industrial trends.

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