Department of Computer Science & Information Systems

Policy for On-Campus applications for Project/Thesis/Dissertation/RP

Aspirants interested in applying for On-Campus First Degree Project / Thesis or Higher Degree Dissertation / SAT / RP are hereby advised to kindly carefully go through this Policy Document before applying for seeking such permissions:

  • In all areas wherein the Department does have local expertise and necessary research infrastructure, the first attempt must be made by the student to find a willing Advisor/Guide within the Department before looking elsewhere on campus.
  • In case, chosen area is inter-disciplinary or you wish to work under a faculty from another department on campus in a given sub-area and the faculty in the other department has an existing research collaboration (or is keen on exploring such a possibility) and is thus both willing and able to become an Advisor/Guide/Co-Guide, applications may be considered. Please note that it is mandatory that either a Guide or Co-Guide is taken from the Department.
  • Deadlines: October 30 for the First semester and March 30 for the Second Semester.

Application Procedure:

  • Such aspirants need to fill up the official form available online at the Departmental Website under the Student Corner (and, if required, only in case of Thesis/Dissertation, submit to PSD first for its No Objection Certificate before submitting their completed application to the HoD: CS & IS).
  • Even those, who may have filled in paper forms, may have to apply online.
  • Deadlines: October 30 for the First semester and March 30 for the Second Semester.

Process followed by the department, post receipt of valid (i.e. an application that is complete-in all respects) application:

  • After the deadline of receipt, DRC examines each such application and takes a call within a week from the deadline stated.
  • Decision of the DRC shall be final and binding.
  • Incomplete applications shall NOT be considered.