Prof. Souri Banerjee  

Senior Professor
Department of Physics
Dean of Faculty Affairs (University-wide)

Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani Hyderabad Campus, Jawahar Nagar Kapra Mandal, Ranga Reddy Dist Secunderabad, Telangana - 500078, India



Physics I - UG
Physics II- UG
Mechanics, Oscillations & Waves-UG PDF for 1&2 Ch
Classical Mechanics- PG
Quantum Mechanics I- PG
Optical Physics & Applications- PG
IC Fabrication Technology- PG
Introduction to Nano-sciences- EL
Modern Physics Lab- PG 



Sponsored Projects


1) BRNS-DAE Funded: 19.5 lakhs (August 2011 onward for 3 yrs) on "Site-specific immobilization of a single DNA molecule"

2) CSIR Funded: 22.26 lakhs (January 2013 onward for 3 yrs) on "AC impedance measurement on two dimensional origami structures of various shapes"

3. BRNS-DAE funded, 36 Lacs (With Dr. Souvik Kundu, Dept of EEE) 2017-2020 on "Metal-Oxide and Nanocomposite Based Low-Power Non-volatile Switching Device: A Novel Approach"



Research Interest


A short note on Research Experience         

Expertise : 

Extensive use of Clean Room ( Class-100 to  10,000), Photolithography and Mask making, Electron Beam Lithography (Minimum beam spot size of 10nm) equipped with mini-CAD for patterning and transfer of about 30 nm gap pattern, CVD, Etching, Oxidation Technique, Electron Beam Evaporator for very thin metal deposition, Field Emission type SEM to obtain image of narrow quantum well or narrow patterns, Thin film and nanocrystal deposition using different CVD techniques, Sputtering etc.  

Device Fabrication:   

Successfully fabricated Single Electron Memory Device with short and narrow channel having nanocrystal Si dots as floating gate. The device is operated even at room temperature. 
Instruments for Electrical Characterization:
Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers  (HP4156), Pulse Generator (HP81105A), Probe Station equipped with close cycle He cryo-cooler (<10 K). 


Scanning Probe Studies : 

Use of Atomic Force Microscopy equipped with nanolithography techniques (Seiko Instrument, Japan) for making, manipulating and imaging nanometer size features. Various modes of operation; tapping, contact and non-contact mode to inject charge in nanocrystals and their probing, Kelvin Probe Microscopy to image surface potential.  





Total: 45 International publications

Some Very Recent Publications 
11) Optical bistability and four-wave mixing response of a quantum dot coupled to an optomechanical photonic crystal nanocavity Sajia Yeasmin *, Sabur A. Barbhuiya, Aranya B. Bhattacherjee, Souri Banerjee
Photonics and Nanstructures Fundamentals and Applications, 54, 101129 (2023)
10) Far-Infrared frequency mode conversion using bulk acoustic phonon modes. .Yadav, S., Yeasmin, S., Bhattacherjee, A.B. and Banerjee, S., 2022. Applied Physics B, 128 1, (2022).
9) Uncorrelated stochastic bitstream generation and arithmetic computations using Cu:ZnO memristors Pavan Kumar Reddy Boppidi, Bharathwaj Suresh, G. Abhijith , P. Michael Preetam Raj , Souri Banerjee , Souvik Kundu; Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 139, 106355 (2022)
8) Multi-stability and Fano resonances in a hybrid optomechanical photonic crystal micro-cavity Sajia Yeasmin, Surabhi Yadav, Aranyabhuti Bhattacharjee and Souri Banerjee; Journal of Modern Optics 68, 975, (2021)
7) Coherent control of quantum and entanglement dynamics via periodic modulations in optomechanical semi-conductor resonator coupled to quantum-dot excitons; Vijay Bhatt, Pradip Jha, Aranya Bhuti Bhttacharjee and Souri Banerjee; Quantum Information Processing, 20, 107, (2021)
6) Understanding the efficacy of Cu in creating oxygen vacancies and temperature dependent electrical transport in solution processed Cu:ZnO thin films Pavan Kumar Reddy Boppidi, P. Joshna, Debapriya Som, Renuka H, Pranab Biswas, Dibyendu Bhattacharyya, Sayan Kanungo, Souri Banerjee, Souvik Kundu Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 120, 105311 (2020)
5) Implementation of Fast ICA Using Memristor Crossbar Arrays for Blind Image Source Separations, PKR Boppidi, V. J. Louis, A. Subramaniam, R. K. Tripathy, S. Banerjee, S. Kundu, IET Circuits, Devices & Systems 14, 484 2020.
4) Realizing spike-timing dependent plasticity learning rule in Pt/Cu:ZnO/Nb:STO memristors for implementing single spike based denoising autoencoder, B Suresh, PKR Boppidi, BVVSNP Rao, S Banerjee, S Kundu, Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 29, 085006, 2019
3) Unveiling the dual role of chemically synthesized copper doped zinc oxide for resistive switching applications, P. K. R. Boppidi, P. M. P. Raj, S. Challagulla, S.R.G, S. Roy, S. Banerjee, S. Kundu, Journal of Applied Physics, 124, 214901 (2018)
2) Programming of Memristive Artificial Synaptic Crossbar Network Using PWM Techniques, P Michael Preetam Raj, Arvind Subramaniam, Shashank Priya, Souri Banerjee, S.   Kundu, Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers, 28,1950201 (2018)
1) Unusual photoluminescence of Cu/ZnO and its correlation with photocatalytic reduction of Cr(VI) S. Shraavan, S. Challagulla, S. Banerjee, Sounak Roy, Bulletin of Materials Science, 40 1415-1420 (2017)