Prof. Rakesh Choubisa

Professor & Head of Department, Department of Physics,
BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus

Atomic Physics, Condensed Matter Physics
Department of Physics, Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani- 333031, Rajasthan. India.

Sponsored Project





Ongoing Project(s):

1. Project Title: On the theoretical studies of vortex electron impact scattering and ionization of atoms and molecule
Funding agency: DST, New Delhi
Budget: Rs. 20.53 lacs.



Project Completed:

1. Title: Theoretical Study of Electron impact double ionization of atoms and molecule.
Funding Agency: DST, New Delhi
Amount: 22.3 lacs
JRF under the project: Ms. Nikita Dhankhar
Duration: 2017-2019 (as a PI).

2. Title: Study of spin polarization of electrons in the relativistic (e, 3e) process on atoms.
Funding Agency: DST, New Delhi
Amount : Rs. 9.6 lacs
Duration : 2008-2011 (as a PI)

3. Title : A multiple scattering computing platform for (nano) materials
Funding Agency: European Commission (under Mari Curie-IRSES-FP7)
Duration : 2012-2016
Amount : Total fund: euro 2.69 lacs (to European institute of the network)
Job Profile: Work Package Leader 7 related to "Impact spectroscopy with in Multiple Scattering Framework" .

4. Title: Modeling of Plasmon loss in photoemission and (e, 2e) spectroscopies
Funding Agency: Region Bretagne (France)
Amount: Euro 10,000
Duration: 2018 (1 year) (as a Co-PI)

5. Title: Plasmon induced (e, 2e): Understanding the role of plasmons in the generation of secondary electrons in condensed matter physics
Funding Agency: Institute de Physique de Rennes , UR1, Rennes (France)
Amount: Euro 10,000
Duration: 2018 (1 year) (as a Co-PI)