Prof. Rakesh Choubisa

Professor & Head of Department, Department of Physics,
BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus

Atomic Physics, Condensed Matter Physics
Department of Physics, Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani- 333031, Rajasthan. India.

Recent News


Recent News of Research Group


  1. Nikita Dhankhar defeneded her thesis successfully on 8th Dec. 2022. Congrats to Dr. Nikita.
  2. Aditi Mandal defeneded her thesis successfully on 23rd January 2023. Congrats to Dr. Aditi.
  3. During 2022, two highly reputed papers published in Phys. Rev A and Phys. Rev B (Q1). One paper is published in J. Phys. B (IOP, London) in 2022.
  4. Neha submitted her PhD proposal.
  5. Prof. Choubisa has been nominated as a VC nominee of Bikaner Technical University in Physics for the faculty selection interview panel for the BKBIET, Pilani (23rd Jan. 2023)
  6. Reviewed 2 projects of DST-SERB-CRG scheme during 2022.
  7. Dr. Didier Sebilleau visited our research group in Pilani during 9 July-7 Sept. 2022.
  8. Raul Sheldon Pinto joined as a JRF in May 2022
  9. DST project approval under CRG grant scheme (PI: Rakesh Choubisa)
  10. Publication of semirelativistic (e, 2e) on Cu and Ag with twisted electron in Phys. Rev. A (2021). Kudos to Aditi and Nikita for their hard work.
  11. Aditi got grant from University de Rennes1 and Rennes Metropole for six month stay in Rennes starting from Dec. 2021.
  12. Three invited/contributory presentations in the virtual ICPEAC and its satellite meeting in July 2021.
  13. Publication of (e, 2e) on H and H2 with twisted electron in J. Phys. B (2021). Kudos to Nikita for her hard work.
  14. Prof. Choubisa reviewed papers in the J. Phys. B, European J Phys. D and Sadhana journals in last 1 year.
  15. Prof. Choubisa took over Headship of the Physics Department on 1st Sept. 2020 for two years.
  16. An International project submitted to European Research Agency under the RISE-Horizon-2020 scheme. 19 Institutes/universities/industries (including BITS, Pilani) are part of the project (May 2020).