Dr. Arnab Hazra

Associate Professor, Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus

Nanomaterials, graphene, Electronic Devices, Chemical Sensor, Resistive RAM
Chamber: Faculty Division II, Room No. 2247-D,
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,
Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani- 333031, Rajasthan. India.

Sponsored Projects

As a Principal Investigator (PI)

  • Multiple Nano-filaments Based Resistive Switching Memories on Flexible Substrate: Implemented by Self-assembled doped metal oxides/perovskites” Core Research Grant (CRG/2021/005550) by Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB), DST, Govt. of India, Duration: 2022-2025, (Amount: USD 50921)-Ongoing
  • “2D materials based sensor systems for rapid diagnosis of human diseases through analysis of exhaled breath” sponsored by Department of Science & Technology (DST)-PURSE, Govt. of India (SR/PURSE/2020/20-TPN 57086), Duration: 2021-2025 (Amount: USD 1517018)-Ongoing
  • “Development of 1-D nanomaterials based selective sensor system for non-invasive detection of complications of diabetes mellitus and asthama by breath analysis technique” sponsored by Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India (BT/PR 28727/NNT/28/1569/2018), Duration: 2019-2022 (Amount: USD 62739)-Ongoing
  • A collaborative project between BITS-Pilani, India and Tel Aviv University, Israel; Title “Carbon nanomaterials for chemical sensing applications (ID: 1394)”, Sponsored by SPARC, MHRD, Govt. of India, Duration: 2019-2021, (Amount: USD 62064)-Ongoing
  • Development of TiO2 nanotube based highly selective capacitive type sensor devicfor the detection of methanol poisoning in alcoholibeverages", Early Carrier Research Award (ECR/2015/000345) by Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB), DST, Govt. of India, Duration: 2016-2019, (Amount: USD 37778)-Completed
  • Additional Competitive Research Grant by BITS-Pilani, India, Duration: 2016-2018 (Amount: USD 12143)-Completed
  • Research Initiation Grant by BITS-Pilani, India, Duration: 2015-2017 (Amount: USD 2698)-Completed

As a Co-Investigator (Co-I)

  • Crystallographic orientation (lattice plane) dependent selective gas sensing: A new approach in metal oxide (MOX) based gas sensor” Sponsored by Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB), DST, Govt. of India (CRG/2020/002711), (Amount: USD 30187) –Ongoing