Jagat Sesh Challa

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science & Information Systems, BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus

Big Data, Computer Vision, Materials Informatics, Human Computer Interaction, Federated Learning
Room No : - 6121-N, New Academic Building,
Department of Computer Science & Information Systems,
Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani- 333031, Rajasthan. India.



Research Areas

Big Data Analytics, High Performance Computing, Stream Analytics, Parallel Data Structures and Algorithms for ML/DM, Federated Learning, Computer Vision, Materials Informatics, Human-Computer Interaction

Sponsored Research Projects

Project: Resolving Bottlenecks of Cross-Device Federated Learning using Anytime Algorithms
Funding agency: BITS Pilani (under the Additional Competitive Research Grant)
Amount: Rs. 9.98 lakhs 
Duration: Two years (Sep 2022 - Aug 2024)
Status: On-going 
Project: Utilizing web3 to construct a more efficient and participative advertising audience
Funding agency: BITS Pilani SPARKLE Scheme
Amount: Rs. 2 lakhs 
Duration: Two years (Sep 2023 - Aug 2025)
Status: On-going 
Project: Enhancing emotion and demographic inference for low-resolution video feeds in the Indian context
Role: Co-Principal Investigator
Funding agency:
Amount: Rs. 6 lakhs 
Duration: Two years (2022-2024)
Status: On-going 
Project: A multi-core framework for anytime mining of multiple high speed streams
Role: Principal Investigator
Funding agency: BITS Pilani (under the Research Initiation Grant for new faculty)
Amount: Rs. 2 lakhs 
Duration: Two years (2021-2023)
Status: Completed
Project: A New Distributed Computing Framework for Data Mining
Role: Research Assistant (while pursuing PhD)
Funding Agency: MeitY, Govt. of India
Amount: Rs. 121.00 Lakhs
Duration: Three years, 6 months (2012-2016)
Status: Completed

Specific Research Projects currently working upon

  • Anytime Mining of Data Streams (Sequential and Parallel)
  • Facial Emotion Recognition in the Indian Context
  • Chemical Properties Prediction in Additive Manufacturing
  • Federated Learning for Computational Photography
  • Federated Learning based Data Mining Algorithms
  • Parallelization of Clustering Algorithms
  • Human Computer Interaction Studies for LLMs


For Students

For Students at BITS Pilani who wish to apply for a project-type course (SOP, RP, SAT, thesis, dissertation, etc.) with me, the list of projects along with the pre-requisites has been mentioned below (next subsection).
Students will be chosen on the following criteria: 
  • Sound knowledge of concepts related to the project (as per in the pre-requisites given below for each Project).
  • Excellent programming skills in C/C++/ Python (Pandas, TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch).
  • Strong paper writing skills and willing to write a research paper with me (and not just code!).
  • Available to work for a year (or more).
I do not offer projects to students outside BITS Pilani.

List of Projects offered for 2nd Sem 2023-24

Anytime Mining of Data Streams and Large Static Data

  • This Project aims at design and development of data structures and algorithms for anytime mining (classification, clustering, frequent pattern mining, anomaly detection) of data streams and large static datasets.
  • The above designs shall be parallelized for shared memory and distributed memory architectures.
  • Pre-requisites: Very strong coding fundamentals in C/C++. Students who are active in Competitive Coding are strongly encouraged to apply in this. Having fundamentals related to Parallel Programming such as MPI would also be benefecial (although not compulsory). Students having background of Data Mining Algorithms shall also be preferred.

Facial Emotion Recognition for the Indian Context

  • This Project aims at developing a Facial Emotion Recognition System for the Indian context considering our indegenious ethnic diversity. Age and Gender detection is also a part of this project.
  • We would be developing Deep Learning models for the same.
  • Pre-requisites: Very strong hands on experience on Deep Learning related technologies, especially CNN, RNNs, Trasnformers, etc. 

Computational Photography using Federated Learning

  • This Project aims at developing federated learning models for tasks related to computational photography such as Bokeh rendering, Image Restoration and Image Signal Processing. 
  • Pre-requisites:Very strong hands on experience on Deep Learning related technologies, especially CNN, RNNs, Trasnformers, etc. Students have hands-on experience in using Pysyft and other FL related libraries would be preferred.

Human Computer Interaction Studies for LLMs

  • This Project aims at conduct Human Computer Interaction Studies for various LLM technologies such as ChatGPT and other tools that are openly available or built in-house. The work involves understanding the use cases of LLM technologies, conduct surveys & interviews, perform thematic analysis to extract insights of the study conducted, and present them as a research article. 
  • Pre-requisites: Basic understanding of LLMs and their use cases, programming in python to build rapid prototypes, good technical writing and communication skills.

To Apply

Please send your application via email along with the details of your CGPA, grades in all the courses done so far, projects done so far, knowledge on the relevant topics related to the project you are applying for and preference order of the projects wish to apply for.