Aritra Banerjee

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics

Mathematical Physics, Theoretical High Energy Physics

Research Group

Currently the group consists of couple undergrad project students, a MS thesis student and a JRF jointly taken with Prof. Sajal Mukherjee. 

Working opportunities:

I am actively looking forward to building a research group where we can tackle challenging problems and have ample physics discussions. If you are an interested student, and/or have a foundation on Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Information Theory, Quantum Field Theory, General Relativity and String Theory, please do not hesitate to drop me a mail. We can take it from there. 

I will soon be looking for PhD and MS students to work on various problems related to Conformal Field Theories, Non-Lorentzian Symmetries, String Theory and  Quantum Chaos. Please get in touch for details. 

I am looking for a bright PhD student through the institute application for the Summer semester 2024-2025. Please apply through

Proposed PhD thesis projects

  • Null (super)string theories, Black Holes, Stringy Carroll geometry
  • Carrollian Field Theories and Physical Applications
  • Geometric and Krylov Complexity, Many-Body and Lie-Algebraic systems
  • Non-Lorentzian Geometry and Quantization
  • Integrable Hierarchies and Exotic Symmetries

Proposed MS thesis projects

  • Bootstrap in Quantum Mechanics
  • Non-Linear dynamics of Strings and Particles
  • Non-Lorentzian Classical Electrodynamics