Aritra Banerjee

Assistant Professor, Department of Physics

Mathematical Physics, Theoretical High Energy Physics



1. DST-INSPIRE fellowship for exceptional undergraduate/postgraduate students in basic sciences 2008-2013, awarded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

2. Summer Research Fellowship 2012, awarded by the Indian Academy of Sciences, Work done at IACS, Kolkata.

3. Best masters’ thesis project award in Physics, IIT Kharagpur 2013.

4. Alumni associate fellowship awarded by the Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP) for 2023-2028.


1. Main organiser, “Unfashionable Pursuits: Informal Workshop on SCFT and Supergravity”, Beijing, China, November 2019.

2. Organiser, Journal Club seminar series in ITP-CAS Beijing for one year.

3. Organising body member, ”APCTP lecture series on physics beyond Lambda-CDM”, APCTP Pohang, December 2019.

4. Organiser, Regular seminar series, APCTP Pohang; OIST Okinawa.

5. Main organiser. “Flat Asymptotia”, Conference on asymptotic symmetries at OIST, 15-18th March 2021.

6. Main Organiser, “Integrability, Deformations and Chaos”, Okinawa, 25-27 July 2023

7. Organizer, " Holography, Strings and Other Fun Things, IIT Kanpur and BITS Pilani Goa campus, February 2024