Prof. Gaikwad Anil Bhanudas

Professor, Department of Pharmacy,
BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus

Department of Pharmacy, Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani- 333031, Rajasthan. India.

Lab members


Post-Doctoral Fellow

# Name Thesis Title Year started Funding
1 Dr. Vigneshwaran Pitchaimani Alternate day fasting resembles recurrent insulin-induced hypoglycemia model in rat April 2018 to March 2020 SERB-NPDF
2 Dr. Vivek Akhouri Interdisciplinary life science programme for advanced research and education in epigenetics and genome editing 29 August 2022 DBT-BUILDER

Ph.D. Students

S.No Name Thesis Title Year started Status
Mr. Almesh Kadakol
Role of angiotensin II on vascular epigenetics in the development of atherosclerosis and therapeutic intervention of esculetin under type 2 diabetic conditions associated with renal failure Feb 2013 Completed on 23rd April 2018
Mr. Santosh Kumar Goru (Supervisor)  
Role of histone ubiquitination and ACE2 activation in the progression of renal fibrosis in type I diabetic kidney Jan 2014 Completed on 9th Jan 2018
Ms. Anuradha Pandey 
Role of epigenetics in modulating inflammatory response mediated by NF-kB through AT1 or AT2 receptor in the development of renal failure under type II diabetic condition Jan 2014 Completed on 21st  March 2018
Mr. Malek Vajir
Role of neprilysin in the development of cardiovascular and renal complications associated with type 1 diabetes. Jan 2015
Completed on 5th Feb 2020
Ms. Nisha Sharm
Involvement of Histone H3 Methylation, Angiotensin converting enzyme 2, and Angiotensin II type 2 receptor in the pathogenesis of acute kidney injury under type 1 diabetic and non-diabetic conditions Jan 2016 Completed on 22nd  October 2020
Mr. Himanshu Sankrityayan (Supervisor)  
Understanding the role and regulation of endoplasmic stress in the development of endothelial dysfunction and kidney disease under type 1 diabetic condition July 2018 Completed on 27th September 2022
Mr. Prabhjeet Singh
Actively targeted nano-carrier system for the co-delivery of temozolomide and an autophagy modulator for the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme Dec 2019 Work in pogress
Mr. Ajinath Kale
Klotho regulation as a novel therapeutic strategy against acute kidney injury-diabetes comorbidity  Jan  2020 Completed on 4th August 2023
Mr. Vishwadeep Shelke 
Study of novel therapeutic strategies targeting toll-like receptors 2 and 4 (TLR2/4) against acute kidney injury under diabetic condition Oct 2020 Work in progress
10 Ms. Ankita Sharma
Understanding hyperglycemia-induced epigenetic alterations contributing to drug resistance and progression of human pancreatic cancer Dec 2020 Work in progress
Ms. Neha Dagar 
Evaluating the role and putative mechanisms of selected nutraceuticals against acute kidney injury under diabetic condition based on network pharmacology approach and experimental validation Sept 2021 Work in progress
Ms. Shikha Thakur
Design, spynthesis, and biological evaluation of Angiotensin II type 1 receptor (AT1R) – neprilysin (NEP) inhibitors (ARNi) against diabetic cardiomyopathy (DCM) Sept 2021  Work in rogress


M. Pharm Students

S.No Name Thesis title Year
1 Mr. Jaspreet Singh To evaluate the hepatoprotective and hepatocurative activity of Punica Granatum peels 2013
2 Mr. Virendra Singh Life Saving Potential of NMD 04 Intravenous Fluid Against Animal Models of Hemorrhagic Shock 2013
3 Mr. Vishakh Prabhkar Biological clock and Parkinsonism: Influence of the neurohormone, melatonin on experimental model of Parkinson’s disease (Co-supervisor) 2014
4 Mr. Shreyash Bagal To study the expression of angiotensin – II (AT1 & AT2) receptors, oxidative stress and fibrotic markers in the aorta of type II diabetic rats. 2015
5 Ms. Vibha Kumari To study the different animal models for AKI 2018
6 Ms. Jyotima Mishra Role PARP inhibitors in Fibrosis 2018
7 Ms. Niharika Shiva Simultaneous activation of ACE2 and ER stress inhibition in the development of type 1 diabetic cardiomyopathy 2020
8 Ms. Pooja Dhileepkumar Rao
Role of ER stress inhibition and ACE2 activation in endothelial dysfunction under hyperglycemic condition
9 Mr. Tahib Habshi Evaluating the renoprotective role of hinokitiol against acute kidney injury under diabetic condition 2023


B. Pharm Students

S.No Name Thesis/Project title Year
1 Mr. Monil Thakkar cGMP for Phase I Investigational Drugs 2011
2 Ms. Masuma Hasan Good manufacturing practices For processing of mesenchymal Stromal cells 2011
3 Ms. Anjana Ramnath Current Good Manufacturing Practices for Positron Emission Tomography Drugs 2011
4 Mr. Karthik Gangavarapu The Cure: Developing an interactive decision tree builder for breast cancer survival prediction. (Co-supervisor) 2014
5 Ms. Garima Partial Parallelization of de novo genome assembler. (Co-supervisor) 2015
6 Mr. Priyank Raj Role of Epigenetics in the development of liver dysfunction under Type II Diabetic conditions 2016
7 Ms. Ananya Role hyperglycemia in kidney injury 2017
8 Mr. Lakshya Sharma The preclinical and clinical status of Klotho: A review of its therapeutic potential in acute and chronic kidney diseases 2023


Research practice students

S.No Name Thesis/Project title Year
1 Ms. Anshima Sharma Clinical outcomes of SGLT2 inhibitors alone and in combination with existing antidiabetic and cardiovascular therapies: an update 2021
2 Mr. Uma Mahesh Epigenetic regulation of ER stress and autophagy in kidney disease 2021
3 Ms. Anjana S. Herbal medicine-the future of diabetic nephropathy treatment 2021
4 Mr. Tahib Habshi Role of endoplasmic reticulum stress and autophagy in acute kidney injury to chronic kidney disease transition 2022
5 Ms. Tathamika Sen Novel promising therapeutic targets for kidney diseases: Emphasis on kidney-specific proteins 2022
6 Ms. Soumya Sikka Role of lncRNAs in the regulation of ER stress in AKI/Kidney diseases 2022
7 Mr. Vinayak Yelgonde Epigenetic regulation of organelle dynamics in kidney diseases 2022
8 Ms. Swati Mishra Immunosuppression in AKI: What to prefer or to avoid 2023
9 Mr. Mayur Chandanani Future therapeutics and biomarkers for diabetic kidney disease: A clinical review 2023
10 Ms. Shruti Shreya Future therapeutics for type 1 diabetes: A clinical review 2023
11 Ms. Shubhangi Suxena Unveiling the therapeutic potential of metabolic reprogramming targeted therapies in kidney diseases 2023