Dr. Rusal Raj Francis

Assistant Professor, Department of General Sciences

Molecular Modeling and Theoretical Chemistry, Spectral Characterization of Compounds
BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus Dubai International Academic City  P. O. Box No. - 345055  Dubai, UAE Chamber No: 306


  1. Torrefied Materials Derived from Waste Vegetable Biomass, Prakash Kumar B G*1, Rusal Raj Francis2, Aisha Raouf1, Ramachandran Subramanian 3, Suresh Gupta4, Geetha Kannan2, Thirumavalavan K5
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Research Publications

  1. Lignocellulosic biomass conversion via greener pretreatment methods towards biorefinery applications: 
    Jeyaprakash Dharmaraja Sutha Shobana Sundaram Arvindnarayan Rusal Raj FrancisRajesh Banu Jeyakumar Rijuta Ganesh Saratale Veeramuthu Ashokkumar Shashi Kant Bhatia Vinod Kumar Gopala krishnan Kumar Bioresource Technology: 369, (2023), 128328
  1. Experimental investigations on the effect of palm oil in kenaf fibre–reinforced basalt particulate hybrid biocomposite pasting. Thandavamoorthy Raja, Dinesh Babu Munuswamy, Rusal Raj Francis, Gayatri Vaidya, Sathish Sundararaman  Yuvarajan Devarajan  Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery(2022) :
  2. “Torrefied Materials Derived from Waste Vegetable Biomass”, Prakash Kumar B G*, Rusal Raj Francis, Aisha Raouf1, Ramachandran Subramanian, Suresh Gupta, Geetha Kannan, Thirumavalavan K - Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Recent Advances in Materials & Manufacturing Technologies (IMMT 2019), Dubai, UAE.
  3. Simulation and Analysis of BDT Molecule with Au Electrodes as a Molecular Switch” - Rafsa Koyadeen T, Devisree S, Anand Kumar, Rusal Raj - 2016 UKSim-AMSS 18th International Conference on Computer Modelling and Simulation - Cambridge, United Kingdom, 6 – 8 April 2016 
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