Dr. Virendra Singh Nirban

Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences,
BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani- 333031, Rajasthan. India.

Research Area(s)

  • Educational Informatics [The primary focus is to investigate how the intersection of Technology and Education helps deliver and manage teaching-learning processes.]
  • Governance Informatics [In Governance Informatics, the objective is to explore the use, design and consequences of Technology interventions in governance domains such as social welfare delivery, surveillance, privacy and administration.]
  • Technology Adoption Behavior [Technology Adoption research explores the user behavior when the user is interacting with other users and technology artifacts - what motivates and encourages a user to adopt specific technology interventions.]
  • Discourse Analysis of Computer-Mediated Communication [The main focus in this area is to understand the nuances of text and other discourse types generated in Social Media/online/virtual communities through specific approaches such as Sentiment Analysis, Influencer Analysis, Linguistic Analysis.]
  • Cultural Studies [Language and communication being an inherent part of any culture, this area focuses on exploring the contours of intersections of a global culture emanating from a networked society with inherent convergence of heterogeneous identities.]

Research Projects

1. An Empirical Study on Accountability and Learning Outcomes in Public School Systems in Rajasthan.

(Co-Principal Investigator)
Amount: 10 Lakhs
Grant Agency: IMPRESS-ICSSR (2019-2021) COMPLETED

2. Awareness, Uses and Implications of Web2.0 in Supplementing Classroom Teaching at Undergraduate Level

(Principal Investigator)
Amount: 7.84 Lakhs
Grant Agency: UGC (2013-15) COMPLETED

3. Integrating New Media Technologies in Teaching at Higher Education

(Principal Investigator)
Amount: 1.95 Lakhs
Grant Agency: BITS Pilani [Research Initiation Grant] (2012-13) COMPLETED

4. Developing Teaching Modules for English Learning Through Multimedia Technology for Rural Children from Class V-VIII

(Co-Principal Investigator)
Amount: 4.50 Lakhs
Grant Agency: UGC (2009 - 2011) COMPLETED