Dr. Vinay Chamola

Associate Professor, Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus

Internet of Things, Green Cellular networks, Renewable energy powered systems
Room - 2210-M, FD-2,
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,
Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani- 333031, Rajasthan. India.

Sponsored Projects

1. DST-ASEAN Collaborative R&D grant  (Aug. 2021- Dec. 2023)
Project Title: Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Enabled Secure and Scalable Framework for Online Healthcare Applications
Amount : Rs. 32.7 lakhs
PI: Dr. Vinay Chamola 
2. DST-SERB Early Career Research Award (Mar. 2019- Mar. 2022)
Project Title: Resource dimensioning and management of smart and sustainable 5G small cells for rural broadband
Amount : Rs. 30 lakhs
PI: Dr. Vinay Chamola
3. DRIFE  Cabs Pvt. Ltd. Industry grant (July 2022- July 2024)
Project Title:  Design and Development of Blockchain based schemes for Road Side unit (RSU) and Vehicular Communications
Amount : Rs. 25.7 lakhs
PI: Dr. Vinay Chamola   
4. TIH Foundation for IoT Chanakya Fellowship (March 2023 - March 2027)
Project Title:  Artificial Intelligence Assisted Blockchain Enabled and Aadhaar Linked Electronic Medical Record Management and Tele-Consultation System
Amount : Rs. 22 lakhs
PI: Dr. Vinay Chamola   
5.  Shastri Indo-Canada SICRG Award  (Jan 2021- July 2023)
Project Title: Artificial Intelligence Enabled Security Provisioning and Vehicular Vision innovations for Autonomous Vehicles(Role: Principal Investigator), 2019-2021. 
Amount: Rs. 10 lakhs.
PI: Dr. Vinay Chamola, Co-PI: Dr. Pratik Narang
6. Additional Competitive Research Grant (BITS-Pilani) Feb 2019 - Feb 2021
Project Title: Brain Computer Interface (BCI) controlled humanoid
Amount : Rs. 9 lakhs
PI: Dr. Vinay Chamola 
7. ARTPARK Grant (IISc)  Sept 2021- April 2022
Project Title: Development of a reliable real-time FPGA based object detection, solution for autonomous vehicles
Amount : Rs. 3.8 lakhs
PI: Dr. Vinay Chamola 
8. TIH Chanakya IoT Grant   Jan 2022- Oct 2022
Project Title: Structural health monitoring of Bridges using Mobile IoT Robot
Amount : Rs. 3.5 lakhs
PI: Dr. Vinay Chamola 
9. Research Initiation Grant (BITS-Pilani) 
Project Title: Real Time applications of IoT

Amount 2 lakhs  

PI: Dr. Vinay Chamola
10. Nvidia GPU seed grant
Project title: BCI and its real life applications
Amount : 1.5 lakhs
 PI: Dr. Vinay Chamola