Dr. Inamur Rahaman Laskar

Professor, Department of Chemistry, BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus

Department of Chemistry, Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani- 333031, Rajasthan. India.

Research Grant


Ongoing Projects:

  1. 1."Development of a tumor-microenvironment responsive, cancer theranostic nanodots for photodynamic-immunotherapy" with Dr. Aniruddha Roy as PI and Dr. Inamur Laskar as Co-PI. Funding Agency: SERB-India.
  2. “Rapid, low-cost fluorescent AIE-based detection of renal dysfunction from urine samples and fabrication of portable and real time device” PI (from BITS) and Project Coordinator: Dr. Inamur R. Laskar Co-PIs: Dr. Shibasish Chowdhury, Dr. Rajdeep Chowdhury, Dr. Symantak majumder (Dept. of Biology); Dr. Rajiv Gupta (BITS Medical Center); Mr. Santosh Manabala (CSIR-CEERI), Mr. Ranjan Maurya (CSIR-CEERI); Funding Agency: Department Of Biotechnology (Dbt), Government Of India. Grant: Rs 80 Lakhs (Approx.) Duration: 3 Years (From February 2021)
  3. “Development of novel ‘Aggregation Induced Emission’ (AIE) Active iridium(III) based Near IR Emissive compounds and their encapsulation into pH-sensitive nanoparticles for tumor targeting and photodynamic therapy” PI:  Dr. Inamur R. Laskar Co-PI: Dr. Aniruddha Roy (Pharmacy); Dr. Rajdeep Chowdhury; Funding Agency: Indian Council Of Medical Research (ICMR), Government Of India.Grant: Rs 23 Lakhs (Approx.) Duration: 3 Years (From March 2021)

Completed Projects:

  1. “Syntheses of Pt (II) based pure blue emitting triplet harvesting materials and their application in white Organic Light Emitting Diode as single emissive dopants”; Funded by CSIR, India; Grant:  20.0 Lakhs
  2.  “Syntheses of Efficient and Pure Blue Triplet Emitting Materials for Fabrication of White Organic Light Emitting Diodes (WOLEDs)”; Funded by DST, India; Grant: 22.2 Lakhs
  3. “Design and Syntheses of Heavy Metal based Aggregation Induced Emission Active Complexes and their Application in Bio-imaging”; Funded by DST, India; Grant: Rs 35.9 Lakhs
  4. “Sensitive Explosive Detection in Vapor Phase with Cyclometalated Iridium (III), Platinum(II) and Conjugated Hyperbranched Polymer based ‘Aggregation Induced Emission’ Active Nanoprobes”; Funding agency: Defence R&D Organization (DRDO), GOVERNMENT OF INDIA; Grant: Rs 33 Lakhs (approx.)