Dr. Dheerendra Singh

Professor, Department of EEE, BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus

Power Electronics, Power System, Hybrid Compensators, FACT and HVDC
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani- 333031, Rajasthan. India.


Ph.D  Supervised 
  1.  A. Ananda Kumar (2007 PHXF431) : Design and Development of  Hybrid Controller for Z- Source Inverter  An Application to Electric Vehicle" ( Completed on  03-12-2016)         
                                                 Examiner : Prof. Bhim Singh @ IIT Delhi )
2.   Dave Heema Bharathkumar (2015PHXF0407P) :  Design and Analysis of High performance Impedance Source Inverter for Adjustable Speed Drive  Defended                                                      
                                                Final Viva  Voce :   16th Jan.2021 
                                                 Examiner :  Prof. Deepak Fulwani@ IIT Jodhpur
3.  Krishna Veer Singh (2016 PHXF0005P) : Energy Efficiency Improvements in Plug-in / Solar Hybrid Electric Vehicle Using Ultra Capacitor 
                                                               Role :  Co-Supervisor
                                     Final Viva  Voce :  -- 23rd Jan.2022 
                                       Examiner :  Prof. Santosh Kumar@ IIT BHU 

Ph.D  Ongoing

1.  Rajesh Singh Shekhawat (2017 PHXF0503P) : Design and Development of Wide Band Gap Materials based Semiconductor Devices for Power Applications
    Role : Supervisor
    Co-Supervisor:  Dr. Sumitra Singh (Principal Scientist @ Flexible Electronics Group CEERI Pilani.
2.  Sunil Kumar (2020PHXF0509P)  : Performance Analysis of Power Quality Improvement Techniques of Active Filtering In Distribution System and Micro-grid Applications
   Role : Co-Supervisor
   Supervisor:  Dr. Aditya R Gautam (Assistant Professor EEE-Dept. BITS-Pilani 
3.  Shivangi Kaushik (2021PHXF0432P) : Super Capacitors 
    Role : Supervisor
    Co-Supervisor :  Dr. Satyendra Kumar Mourya  
External Ph.D Thesis Examiner 
1. Name of the Student :  Javed Kasam Sayyad ;  PRN :   17079001012  
Title of Thesis :  Outdoor Performance Characterization of High of High Power Rated Solar PV.
Institute : Symbiosis Center for Research and Innovation, Symbiosis International (University) Pune
Date  :  25-02-2022 

M. Tech Thesis 

1. Name of the Student : Priya Chaturvedi
Title of Thesis : Load Forecasting using Artificial Intelligence Technique for a Grid connected Solar Photovoltaic System.
Institute : Dept.-EE, CTE, MPUAT Udaipur, Raj
M.Tech Thesis (WILP - BITS)  
  1. Student Name & ID No. :  Ashutosh Dubey(2018HT01548)
  Title  :  Model design for Stray-load loss estimation of transformer using surface temperature measurement and development of remote monitoring solutions
  Year :  2020
B.E. Thesis:   
1. Student Name & ID No. :  Abhishek B. Chakravarthy (2017A8TS0385P)
                                     Title  :  Crowd Count Estimation using Semi-supervised Learning
                                     Year :  2020 
2.  Student Name & ID No. :  Sharthak Mahapatra, (2017A8TS0385P)
                                     Title  :  Model Predictive Control based  
                                      Year :  2020
 2. Student Name & ID No. :  Ayush Bansal, (2015 B4A8 0573P)
                                     Title  :  Exploring the Potential of IoT and ML in VANET and UAV
                                      Year :  2020   
3. Student Name & ID No. :  Harsh Grover, (2015 B5A3 0429P)
                                     Title  :  Deep Learning Enabled Secure Multi-tier Network for Autonomous Cabs                                                        
                                     Year :  2020
  1.  Aerial Surveillance to Estimate Crowd Count”   by AASTHA  AGRRAWAL (2012B2A3780P). 
  2. Crowd Estimation Using Convolutional Neural Network” by Pranjal Gupta(2012B3A3437P). 
  3.  Ailing Higher Education of India, by  Saksham Khunteta 2013A8TS393P. 
4. Implementation of RCA(Retro Cost Adaptive) control on FPGA  by Garvit Goel 2013A8TS393P (The thesis work was done at University of Michigan under main supervision of Prof. Dennis Bernstein).