Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Sharma

Professor, Department of Mathematics,
BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus

Computational Fluid Dynamics, Mathematical Modeling of Bio-Fluid, Numerical Solution of Differential Equations
Chamber No. 6067-F
Department of Mathematics, Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani- 333031, Rajasthan. India.


Ph.D. Supervision

  1. Mr. Chandan Kumawat
  2. Ms. Rishu Gandhi (OVDF Fellow, Purdue University (1August 2023- 31 July 2024)
  3. Mr. Umesh Khanduri
  4. Mrs. Poonam
  5. Mr. Anup Kumar
  6. Ms. Richa (Notional Supervisor)
  1. Dr. Bhavya Tripathi
  2. Dr. Swati Sharma 

M.Sc./B.E. Thesis Supervised

  • Ankur Kumar (2013B4A1786P): Analysis of nanofluid flow and heat transfer characteristics over heated angled square cylinder: effect of orientation of cylinder and external magnetic field 

  • Grandhi Naga Veerendra (2012B4A4731P): Numerical Simulation of compressible two phase flow with phase change.
  • Vikas Kushwaha  (2011 B4A1694), 2nd Sem 2015-16: Mathematical Modelling of Blood Flow in a Tapered Artery with Mild Stenosis under the influence of Transverse Magnetic Field.
  • Gampa Anirudh (2011B4A4566P), 1st Sem 2015-16: Theoretical analysis of metallic nanoparticles on blood flow through stenosed arteries with permeable walls.
  • Nithin Saji (2010B5A7536P), 2015: Computational study of blood flow through arteries.
  • Pranjal Prabhash (2009B4A1710P), 2014: Computational investigation of heat and mass transfer by mixed convection flow of nano fluids.
  • Nitin Khandelwal (2009B4A1654P), 2014:  Numerical simulation of blood flow in presence of magnetic field.
  • Eshu (2005B4A3425P), 2011: Contribution of Isaac Newton to science and mathematics in the seventeenth century.

M.Sc./B.E. Projects Supervised

  • Anand Morlawar (2014B4A20813P): Metallic nano-particles influence on blood flow through a catheterized stenotic artery.
  • Divyanshu Goyal (2014B4A40694P): Examination of blood flow through stenosed arteries.
  • Salil Bhandari (2013B4A8796P): Transient non-newtonian blood flow under magnetic targeting drug delivery in an aneurysm blood vessel with porous walls.
  • Amol Shrivastava (2013B4A40775P): Numerical simulation of heat transfer of nanofluid in a square cylinder.
  • Divyanshu Goyal (2014B4A40694P): Study of heat transfer augmentation in lid-driven square cavity with nanofluids
  • Anand Morlawar (2014B4A20813P): Numerical investigation of cuo-water nanofluid flow and heat transfer across a heated square cylinder under the influence of gravitational and magnetic field.  
  • Akash Panigrahi  (2013B4A4768P): Magnetohydrodynamics mixed convection flow of micropolar liquid due to nonlinear stretched sheet with convective condition.
  • Manan Singhal (2014B4TS966P):  Study of non-Newtonian arterial blood flow with stenosis.
  • Rasal Kumar (2014B4A8801P): Study of MHD Flow of micropolar fluid due to curved stretching sheet with thermal radiation.
  • G. Ashwin (2014B4TS960P): Numerical study for pulsatile flow of blood in a tapered artery with stenosis.
  • Ashwin Gupta (2014B4A4567P): Metallic nano-particles influence on blood flow through a catheterized stenotic artery.
  • Sudarshan Vijay (2013A1TS541P): Modelling flow of nano-fluids in heat exchange applications.
  • Varun Jain (2012B4A1652P): Flow of a biomagnetic viscoelastic fluid with special reference to blood flow.
  • R Pavan (2012B4A4511P): Hall & Soret effect on chemically reacting MHD micropolar fluid.
  • Akshat Khandelwal (2012B4A4623P): Blood flow of nano fluid through an artery with composite stenosis and permeable wall.
  • Divyam Jain (2012B4A1677P), Summer 2015: Effect of chemical reaction and radiation on magnetic blood flow with variable viscosity.
  • Yash Tabhi (2012B4A1634) Summer 2015: Radiation and chemical reaction effect n on magnetic blood flow.
  • S Ashwath Balaje (2011B4A1720P), 2015: Magneto-hydrodynamic analysis of blood flow considering rotation of micro-particles of blood.
  • Gampa Anirudh (2011B4A4566P), 2015: Influence of heat and mass transfer on blood flow through a tapered artery with stenosis.
  • Rohit M Tipnis (2011B4A4634P), 2015: Modeling of bio-magnetic micro-polar blood flow.
  • Akul Bajaj (2011B4A4698P), 2015: Mathematical modeling of blood flow through arteries in the presence of magnetic field.
  • Anantim Raj (2011B4A4693P), 2015: Mathematical analysis of arterial blood flow with heat and mass transfer.
  • Jesin Roy, 2014: Finite Difference Method for Solving Coupled Partial Differential Equations.

Field of Research

Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Heat and Mass Transfer
  • MHD
  • Porous medium
  • Newtonian Fluids
  • Non- Newtonian Fluids
  • Laminar Flow
  • Nano fluids
Modeling of Bio-Fluid
  • Arterial Blood flow
  • Magnetic Targeting drugs delivery
Differential Equations
  • Numerical Solutions of ODE
  • Numerical Solutions of PDE 
Financial Mathematics
  • Mathematical Modeling and Methods of Option Pricing 

Interested candidates are welcome to join my research group. Candidate having own fellowship (CSIR/UGC-JRF etc.) can join anytime in a year. Contact me by sending CV on