Prof. Rahul Arora

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics and Finance, BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus

6165D, Department of Economics and Finance, Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani, Pilani Campus - 333031, Rajasthan. India.

Research Publications

Edited Books

  1. Mathur, S.K., Arora, Rahul. & Singh, S. (2017). Theorizing International Trade: An Indian Perspective. An Edited Book. Palgrave Macmillan, United Kingdom. ISBN: 978-981-10-1758-2.
  2. Mathur, S.K., Arora, Rahul. & Singh, S. (2016). Methods and Applications in Trade Policy Research. An Edited Book. Athena Academic Ltd., London, United Kingdom. ISBN: 978-19-1039-005-4.

Journal Publications

  1. Shukla, V., Arora, Rahul, Gupta, S. (2024). Unveiling Non-Communicable Disease Trends among Indian States: Predicting Health Outcomes with Socioeconomic and Demographic Factors. International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, Accepted on 10 April 2024. [ABDC: B, SJR Q1, Scopus Indexed]
  2. Bourai, S., Arora, Rahul & Yadav, N. (2024). Evaluating Strategies to Persist for Digital Platform Firms in a Post-Digitalization Era: An Empirical Evidence from Indian Platform Firms, Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Accepted on 7 April 2024 [ABDC: C]
  3. Pandey, S., Mohapatra, G. & Arora, Rahul (2024). A temporal and spatial assessment of water stress with water poverty index: A case study of Rajasthan. Natural Resources Forum, Accepted on 28 Feb 2024, [SJR Q1]
  4. Arora, Rahul, Arora, N. & Bhattacharjee, S. (2024). Quantification of the Sector-specific Impact of COVID-19 on Indian Economy- An Application of Computable General Equilibrium Modeling. Indian Growth and Development Review, Accepted on 9 Feb 2024. [ABDC: C, SJR Q3, and Scopus Indexed]
  5. Bourai, S., Arora, Rahul & Yadav, N. (2024). Structure-conduct-performance (SCP) paradigm in digital platform competition: a Conceptual Framework. Journal of Strategy and Management, Accepted on 20 Jan 2024. [ABDC: B, SJR Q1, and Scopus Indexed]
  6. Sharma, S. & Arora, Rahul (2023). Institutional imbalance moderating the linkage between GVC participation and economic growth: empirical evidence, Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Ahead of Print, [ABDC: C] – 23 Oct 2023
  7. Pandey, S., Mohapatra, G. & Arora, Rahul (2023). Groundwater quality, human health risks and major driving factors in arid and semi-arid regions of Rajasthan, India. Journal of Cleaner Production. [ABDC: A, SJR Q1, and Scopus Indexed] – 10 Oct 2023
  8. Singh, S., Ali, J. & Arora, Rahul (2023). Linkage between Forest Cover and Trade in Forest Products: An Empirical Evidence from BRICS and EU Nations, European Journal of Forest Research, Vol. 143, pp. 19-31. [SJR Q1 and Scopus Indexed]
  9. Shukla, V. & Arora, Rahul (2023) The Economic Cost of Rising Non‑communicable Diseases in India: A Systematic Literature Review of Methods and Estimates, Applied Health Economics and Health Policy, 21(5), 719-730. [SJR Q1, ABDC C, and Scopus Indexed]
  10. Sharma, S., Mundhada, Y.P. & Arora Rahul (2023). Which Combination of Trade Provisions Promotes Trade in Value Added? An Application of Machine Learning to Cross-Country Data., Economic Papers: Journal of Applied Economics & Policy, Accepted. [ABDC B, SJR Q2, and Scopus Indexed] – 5 June-2023
  11. Giri, A.K. & Arora, Rahul (2023). Energy Poverty and Human Development: Empirical Evidence from Rural Rajasthan, India. Millennial Asia, Ahead of Print. [ABDC: C, Q1, and Scopus Indexed] – 25 Feb-2023
  12. Sharma, S. & Arora, Rahul (2023). Macroeconomic Determinants of India’s Participation in Global Value Chains: An Empirical Evidence. Journal of Asian Economic Integration, 5(1), 7-28. [UGC Care List]
  13. Arora, N., Malik D. & Arora, Rahul (2022). Which Combination of Impossible Trinity Choices Ensures Output and Price Stabilities in India? A Sign-Restricted Vector Autoregressive Analysis. Economic Papers: Journal of Applied Economics & Policy, Vol. 41, No. 3, pp. 260-275. [ABDC B, SJR Q2, and Scopus Indexed]
  14. Pandey, S., Mohapatra, G. & Arora, Rahul (2022). Examining the Interstate Variations and Interlinkage between Water Poverty and Multidimensional Poverty in India: Evidence from Household-level data. International Journal of Social Economics, Vol. 49, No. 10, pp. 1551-1568. [ABDC: B, SJR Q2, and Scopus Indexed]
  15. Pandey, S., Mohapatra, G. & Arora, Rahul (2022). Water Poverty Index and its changing trend in India. Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Ahead of Print, Online available from April 2022. [ABDC: C] – 13 Apr 2022
  16. Sekhri, R., Kala, S. & Arora, Rahul (2022). Linking Entrepreneurial Ability with Profitability: A Study of Registered Women Entrepreneurs from Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh. Indian Journal of Economics and Development, Vol. 18, No. 1, pp. 19-30. [SJR Q4 and Scopus Indexed]
  17. Pandey, S., Mohapatra, G. & Arora, Rahul (2022). Mapping and situation analysis of Water Poverty at household level in Rajasthan: Evidence from a nationally representative survey. Empirical Economic Letters, Accepted in Feb 2022. [ABDC: C] – July 2022
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Chapters in Edited Books

  1. Shukla, V. & Arora, Rahul (2023). Economic Burden of Non-Communicable Diseases and Challenges of Health Insurance Coverage: Insights from Primary Survey. In Sharma, S.K., Goyal, P. & Chanda, U. (2eds) Handbook of Evidence-Based Management Practices in Business, Ist edition, Taylor & Francis, ebook ISBN: 9781003415725 – Feb 2023
  2. Bourai, S., Yadav, N. & Arora, Rahul (2023). Winner-Take-All Strategy in Digital Platform Market: A Theoretical Exposition. In Sharma, S.K., Goyal, P. & Chanda, U. (2eds) Handbook of Evidence-Based Management Practices in Business, Ist edition, Taylor & Francis, ebook ISBN: 9781003415725 – Feb 2023
  3. Arora, N., Arora, Rahul (2021). Output and Employment Linkages of the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sectors in the Indian Economy: A Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) Analysis. In: Bathla, S., Kannan, E. (eds) Agro and Food Processing Industry in India. India Studies in Business and Economics. Springer, Singapore. 
  4. Saxena, K.K., Singh, S., Arora, Rahul (2013). Output Growth in Post Liberalized India: An Input–Output Structural Decomposition Analysis. In: Verma, N. (eds) Recession and Its Aftermath. Springer, India.
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Policy Brief

  1. Arora, Rahul, Singh, S. & Mathur, S.K. (2015). Impact of Integration in Asia and the Pacific Region. Policy Brief, 04/15, GIFTA Project Briefing Series, UK

Working Paper

  1. Mathur, S.K., Arora, Rahul & Bhardwaj, M. (2016). Relative Benefits/Losses of India Aligning with RCEP and BRICS Countries under the Conjecture of Free Trade Area in Goods. ARTNeT Working Paper Series, No. 160, Bangkok, UNESCAP

Book Review

  1. Arora, Rahul (2021). Changing Dynamics of International Trade and India. Journal of Asian Economic Integration, Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 254-259. UGC – Care I – of Book Ajitava Raychauduri, Prabir De and Suranjan Gupta (Eds.), World Trade and India: Multilateralism, Progress, and Policy Response.