Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Instrumentation Technology Lab

List of Equipments in Instrumentation Technology Lab:

Serial Number

Items list

 1 Auto Ranging Digital Picoammeter W. IEEE - 488 Interface Model / Part No - 485/ 4853 S.No - 587189
 2 Temperature Calibrator series TP 18600
 3 Micrologix  1000  PLC
 4True RMS Autoranging Multimeter Model No - 1087 S.No - 0028026, 030
 5Head mount temperature transmitter EQ-03 -238 
 6Pressure transmitter EQ -03- 239
 77743 - 01 NT PCI - 6024E low cost multifunction I/O 8473, 301080 NLR 
 8 776570 - 06 SCXI - 1000, U.K. 240 V ( 4 - slot chassis) 8473.30, 5000NLR
 9777935 - 01 NI PXI - 7344, 4 axis servo/step motion controller for windows 8473.30.1080 NLR 
 10NI - PXI - 6040 E and NI - DAQ software for win 2000/NT MC/9X 8473.30.1080 NLR 
 11778468 - 01 NI 8176, 1.26 GHz PXI Embedded controller with windows 2000 8471.50.0085 NLR 
 12 IMAQ PXI - 1411 and NI - IMAQ 8773.30.1080
 13 Thermo - Anemometer 
 14Professional high temperature laser targeting Infrared Thermometer supplied with 9V battery, DT8839 
 15Multimeter benchtop 
 16Milliampere source portable handhell 
 17 Smart Transmitter 0 -30 
 18Pressure Pump with standard guage 
 19Pressure Switch 0 -1  
 20Temp. Switch ( 0 - 100° C) 
 21Solenoid Valve 3 - port 2 - way spool type 1/4" 
 22 EQ04 - 710, Digital Temperature Indicator with data logging with 0 - 100° C with RS 232C Interface
 23EQ04 - 711 , LVDT Trainew Kit ( Model No - TT - LVDT) 
 24Hybrid stepper motor 6 Kg cm 
 25 Digital Multimeter 81k - TRMS 
 26Ultrasonic water level sensor 2 - 12" 
 27Solar radiation sensor 
 284-20 mA Weather station 
 29 Tipping bucket rain guage 8""
 30NI USB 6009 DAQ card 
 31 Scientific "Bench top LCR Meter SM 60191103147 
 32Techno - Instruments DC speed controller DCS - 01 
 33Techno - Instruments AC servo motor 
 34Techno -Instruments Synchro sets (Transmitter/Receiver) 
 35Techno - Instruments PID controller PID - 01 
 36Techno - Instrument compensation design 
 37Techno - Instrument temperature controller TCS - 01 
 38Techno - Instrument linear system simulator Disc  
 39Techno- Instrument linear system simulator Disc  
 40DC position control system HEM 
 41Study of potentiometer as error detector HEM 
 42Techno - Instrument DC speed controller 
 43AC servo motor 
 44DC motor position control system  
 45Oscilloscope; Digital storage, 40MHz, 500MSa/s, 2-CH Active  
 46Tristar make RTD (PTD - 100)Head type sensor 
 47Labview FDS Liscence - version 2012 
 48NI WSN starter kit (International) 
 49NI WSN - 32264 channel programmable RTD 
 50NI 9792 Programmable real time controller Integrated WSN Gateway 9 - 35VDC 
 51NI PS -15 Power supply , 24VDC , 5A 
 52NI ELVIS II Hardware ( For Academic use only) 
 53Vernier Bioinstrumentation sensor kit for NI ELVIS II 
 54Vernier Green Engineering sensor kit for NI ELVIS II 
 55NI Academic Site Liscence, Department, Fall 2012 Discount value  
 56GRAS General Purpose Array Microphone 
 57NI USB- 4432- 24 - Bit Sigma Delta ADCs 
 58GRAS General Purpose Array Microphone 
 59 USB - 6009 14 - Bit Multifunction I/O and NI- DAQmx
 60Scientech - strain Guage trainer ST - 2304 
 61Fluke digital multimeter, model - Fluke179  
 62Maxtech - Multi thermometero 0 - 200°C, model - ST - 9269 
 63Scientific LCR - Q - Meter, model - SM6019 
 64LDS Vibrator 
 65Amplifier LDSLPA 100 - 230V 

Wireless Communication Lab

Hardware facility:

  • Jennic ZigBee PRO Wireless Sensor Network Platform

Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) refers to a group of nodes (with some sensors on-board) connected through a wireless link and thus forming a cluster/ network to perform specific task(s) like asset management, smart lighting, remote control, etc. ZigBee PRO is the latest version of ZigBee protocol which is based on IEEE 802.15.4 standard. This WSN platform from Jennic enables users to create ZigBee/ IEEE 802.15.4 based WSN applications. The nodes in this kit have sensors for temperature, humidity and ambient light on-board. The wireless networks formed operate in the 2.4 GHz unlicensed ISM band and support a data-rate of 250KBps. Application development is done in C/C++ on Eclipse IDE with ZigBee PRO libraries provided by Jennic. The work is carried out in this lab is mainly in the domain of developing applications for energy management.

  • TelosB IEEE802.15.4 based motes with WiEye PIR Sensor

TelosB is an IEEE 802.15.4 based WSN platform. These devices have USB programming capability, an IEEE 802.15.4 radio with integrated antenna, a low-power MCU with extended memory (of 1 MB) for data logging. They run TinyOS on them and have the capability of integrating more sensors for custom applications. The WiEye sensor has a long-range PIR sensor which can detect human presence up to 20-30 feet distance. This sensor board also has visual light and acoustic sensors enabling improved detection. These sensors can be used for surveillance and security applications

  • Microcontroller Based GSM, RFID kits

These kits have an 8051 microcontroller interfaced to an RFID/ GSM modem. They also have some other peripherals like RTC, stepper motor controller, etc. all integrated on a single board making it suitable for small scale embedded applications for control and communication.

Virtual Instrumentation Lab

LabVIEW Setup 
National Instruments
NI PXI8176: High-performance PXI/Compact PCI-compatible system controller.
       SCXI-1000: Industrial Signal Conditional Chassis:
SCXI-1520: 8-channel universal bridge input module for Wheatstone bridge-based measurements.
SCXI-1180: feed through panel to extend the I/O signals of the plug-in DAQ board to the front of the SCXI chassis.
SCXI-1125: an eight-channel isolated analog input conditioning module with programmable gain and filter settings on each channel. Each channel has 12 programmable gain settings from 1 to 2000 and two programmable filter settings of either 4 Hz or 10 kHz. An onboard EEPROM for nonvolatile storage of software correction constants for both gain and offset.
  Lab view (vr.12) FDS Liscence - Latest version 
  NI USB 6009 DAQ card
  USB - 6009 14 - Bit Multifunction I/O and NI- DAQmx
  NI USB- 4432- 24 - Bit Sigma Delta ADCs
  NI WSN starter kit (International)
  NI WSN - 32264 channel programmable RTD
  NI 9792 Programmable real time controller Integrated WSN Gateway 9 - 35VDC
  NI ELVIS II Hardware ( For Academic use only)
  Programmable Logic Controller (Allen Bradley) Micrologix 1500 LRP Series B.
  Micrologix 1000 Analog with I/O Devices.
  DC Input Module (13 Inputs).
  AC DC Output Modules (13 outputs).
  Analog Input Module.
  Analog Input/Output combo Module.
  RS Logix 500 English Software for PLC Programming and Ladder simulation.
  RS-VIEW32 HMI (Human Machine Interface) Software.
  Weather Station consisting of:
  Infrared Temperature Scanner (0-1250?C)
  Thermocouple (Type : K, J, T & E)
  RTD (pt100)
  Programmable data - acquisition module for temperature.
  Temperature Calibrator (Sika, Germany) (RT to 620?C) 
  Thermo - Anemometer (for the measurement of wind speed and relative humidity).
  PSoC kit
  Digital Temperature Indicator with data logging with 0 - 100° C with RS 232C Interface
  LVDT Trainew Kit ( Model No - TT - LVDT)
  LVDT trainer ST – 2303
  strain Guage trainer ST – 2304
  Stepper motor interface with PCI DIOT

Flexible Electronics Lab




SMU Unit

keithley -2450

With Quick Start Software,

Power Supply -100 Vrms to 240 Vrms, 50 Hz to 60 Hz




Power:220 VAC,50 HZ,2 AMP

Acceleration:300 to 2000 rpm/sec



With High Vacuum


Muffle Furnace

With Digital Controller and Temp Up to 1000 ° C



With Temperature Sensor

Temp Up to 300 ° C


Weighing Machine

 Max-200 gm

 Min-0.02 gm


Ultra Sonic Cleaner

Temp-0 to 80 ° C , Timer 1-99 minutes, 40 KHZ