Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Embedded Systems

An embedded system is a special-purpose system in which the computer is completely encapsulated by the device it controls. Unlike a general-purpose computer, such as a personal computer, an embedded system performs pre-defined tasks, usually with very specific requirements. Since the system is dedicated to a specific task, design engineers can optimize it, reducing the size and cost of the product. Research Areas include Processors and IC Design, System Software,Reconfigurable Computing Hardware, Sensor Networks, Low Cost-Low Power Systems, Commmunication Protocols,Embedded Internals and many more.


  • Wearable Embedded System
  • Microcontroller Based System Design
  • Biomedical Devices
  • Real Time Operating Systems
  • FPGA Based Design (Reconfigurable Computing) 
  • Vehicular Electronics
  • Smart Devices