Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Communication Systems and Signal Processing

Communication engineering and information theory are concerned with the efficient representation and reliable transmission and/or storage of information. Current research focuses on single and multiuser information and communication theory, error-control coding, information storage systems, cryptography, source coding, and resource allocation in communication networks. Both theoretical and practical questions are to be thoroughly investigated to understand and enhance the knowledge, useful for industry users and researchers.The theoretical area is concerned with the ultimate bounds on what can be achieved with a communication system under given constraints. Our practical interest is the question of how closely the theorectical bounds can be approached with modern circuit design and implementation methods and protocols. Communication engineering and information theory are also closely related to digital signal processing and systems theory. 

Research in signal processing and systems theory is concerned with theoretical developments that improve our understanding of communication, control, and information processing. These developments are applied to data communication, digital audio, pattern recognition, speech processing and recognition, audio and image compression, medical imaging, digital filtering, detection and estimation, and spectrum analysis. Signal processing and systems theory are closely allied with numerical linear algebra, applied probability, and computer architecture.


  • Antenna Design and Characterization
  • RF Components and Communication
  • Wireless Communication and Networks
  • Optical Communication and Networks
  • Digital Signal Processing 
  • RF Design & Engineering