Academic-Undergraduate Studies Division

Division Overview

AUGSD, Academic - Undergraduate Studies Division, serves as the central node for all the academic activities of First-Degree students at BITS Pilani. The office of AUGS is responsible for all matters related to admissions, curriculum design, timetable and examinations, registration, counselling, academic performance and graduation of first degree (undergraduate) programs.


The main responsibilities of AUGS Division are as follows:

  • Designing of new FD Programs and courses, implementation and strengthening existing FD programs, Pedagogic Practices at FD level through Academic Programs Committee, Departmental Committee of Academics (DCA), Academic Governing Council (AGC) at FD level etc., Bulletin updates with regard to FD Programs
  • Registration Planning and Operations
  • Academic Records of Students, Transcripts, Provisional Certificates
  • Academic Counselling, & ACB Matters for FD Students
  • Grades & Results Processing for FD Courses
  • Eligibility Criteria and preparation of base charts of UG and dual degree students
  • Project Courses Allotment
  • FD TAs Allotment
  • FD Thesis Monitoring
  • Preparation of Transcripts, Provisional Certificates, Final Degrees for FD Students
  • Teaching Load Allocation and course offering at UG level
  • Timetable, Examination Scheduling
  • Classroom booking, Examination matters, seating arrangement
  • Feedback & Monitoring at UG Level
  • Monitoring Student-faculty councils at UG Level
  • Scrutiny and handling unfair means cases
  • Admission for First Degree (FD) Programs, Minor Programs; Dual degree and Vertical Transfer Allotments interfacing with Office of Admissions ??

Institute-Wide Dean
Prof. Ajit Pratap Singh

+91-1596-255235 | 255254/255263