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Foundation Courses

S.No. Course Code Course Name
1 ECON C 211 Fundamentals of Finance and Accounts
2 ECON C 212 Principles of Economics

Economics Core Courses

S.No. Course Code Course Name
1 ECON C 311 Microeconomics 
2 ECON C 321 Macroeconomics
3 ECON C 322 Public Finance: Theory and Practice
4 ECON C 341 Economic Growth and Planning
5 ECON C 342 Econometrics
6 ECON C 362 Money, Banking and Financial Markets
7 ECON C 372 International Trade and Balance of Payments

Economics Electives

S.No. Course Code Course Name
1 ECON C 421 Issues in Indian Economy
2 ECON C 412 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
3 FIN C 451 International Business
4 ECON C 431 Regional Economics
5 ECON C 411 Project Appraisal
6 ECON G 531 Theory of Macroeconomic Policy

New Electives

  • Theory of Macroeconomic Policy

    This course focuses on macroeconomic policy as the major application of the theoretical material and also considers the implications of macroeconomic events with special reference to developing countries. There is a need to examine a variety of models in order to understand the macroeconomic performance of developing countries. Developing countries are at different stages of development and it would be simplistic to assume that one model suits all of them.  Topics to be covered are: standard closed and open macroeconomic models, issues in macroeconomics and policy dilemmas faced by developing countries, macroeconomic modeling in India. In highlighting effective macroeconomic modelling techniques from a policy perspective, the course enables meaningful application of econometric methodology to a spectrum of policy themes resulting in more reliable effective and sustainable solutions.


  • Regional Economics

    Our topics of discussion will include: Concept of region; scope and method of regional economics; criteria for location of economic activities; regional economic structure; measurement of regional economic activity; interregional theory of income and trade; regional economic growth and its impact on regional structure; public policy

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