Free Workshops

Workshop 1

Title: Maximizing your Chances of International Publications & Networking

Workshop Coordinators:

Prof. Sailaja Nandigama; Prof. Pushp Lata; Prof. Devika & Dr. C. Vijayakumar

Description: In the new age academia, a faculty member or a researcher has to wear multiple hats of teaching, research and networking at the same time- preferably while creating an international network of like-minded peers to maximize their chances of international collaborations & publications. These engagements are oftentimes expected to increase their research outreach and intensify the impact of their publications. In this workshop that is meant for the early career researchers as well as those that are in the next level of their career, we shall collectively explore various strategies of achieving these much desired outcomes.

Workshop format: Master class format, combined with group based exercises.
Time: 9 am. to 11.30am.
Date: 22-01-2024
Venue: tbc


Workshop 2

Title: Navigating Diversity and Building Equity in Classroom: A Hands-On Workshop for Educators and Researchers

Workshop Coordinators:

Prof. Pushp Lata; Prof. Devika; and Prof. Sailaja Nandigama

Description: The workshop, "Navigating Diversity and Building Equity in Classroom: A Hands-On Workshop for Educators and Researchers" aims to empower educators with practical tools for cultivating global perspectives and fostering inclusive learning environments for achieving the sustainable goals 4 and 5 of UN. Participants will engage in interactive sessions focusing on understanding diverse perspectives, communication strategies, and creating culturally responsive curricula. Through hands-on activities and case studies, educators and researchers will gain valuable insights into navigating cultural differences and promoting equity in classrooms. The workshop equips them to cultivate a more inclusive and supportive educational experience, fostering a sense of belonging for students from diverse backgrounds. Ultimately, it seeks to enhance educators' intercultural competence and enrich the educational landscape.

Workshop format: interactive sessions, case studies, and group discussions to build intercultural skills and foster inclusivity in education.
Time: 3.00- 4.30pm.
Date: 22-01-2024
Venue: TBA