Abstract Submission



Lead Faculty

Track 1

Language, Literature, Communication

NEP 2020 and Language Teaching; Linguistics; Multilingualism; Development Communication; Indian Writing; Post-Humanism and Cultural History

Paul Mathew
Track 2

Technological Interventions and Society

Gender, Society and Technology; Education and Technology; Educational Informatics; Power, Diplomacy and Technology in IR; Governance, Welfare and Technology; Digital Humanities

Madhurima Das
Track 3

Sustainable Development and Degrowth

Sustainable Development Goals; Postdevelopment and Degrowth; Challenges and Opportunities to Transnational Governance; Pedagogies for Sustainable Development Education; Climate Change; Gender; Communication; Ecocriticism

Sailaja Nandigama
Track 4

Flourishing in Work and Life

Intellectual and Cultural History; Corporate Social Responsibility; Psychology (I/O, Positive, General etc.); Sociology and Anthropology (Empirical); Politics and Law; Health and Technology

Rajneesh Choubisa
Track 5

Media and Cultural Studies

Media Literacy; Cultural Theories; Gender and Masculinity Studies, Impact of Gen AI - Companies, Advertisers, and Creatives; Media and Culture; Indigenous Narrative

Sushila Shekhawat
Track 6

Performing Arts and Cinema

Folk and Modern Drama; Music; Aesthetics; Theatrical Performance; World Cinema; Cinematic and Theatrical Adaptations


Please submit your abstract (Times New Roman, 12 pts) highlighting background, objectives, method, and key results of the study. List all authors, with their affiliations and contact information as well. The abstract should be submitted by 30th November 2023 through the conference website.