Student Research and Innovation

The students at the first-degree level have often led innovations based on technology and science. BITS curriculum already includes formal elements, i.e. PS-I in research labs and organizations, SOP/LOP etc. type courses, and opting for thesis instead of PS2. Besides, students work on various research projects in activity clubs, and with faculty members.

To further enhance and nurture the research and innovation activity at the undergraduate level, the following initiatives are being launched from AY 2023-24 as follows:

  • SPARKLE: Student Program for Advancing Research, KnowLedge, and Entrepreneurship: SPARKLE involves a student team comprising of at least 4 members (at least 1 student from each year) responding to open challenges shared by faculty, industry, or alumni. These challenges may be ambitious, with no fixed timelines for completion. SPARKLE program focuses on promoting discovery, collaboration skills, invention, and startups. It provides the opportunities for students to engage in long-term research problems and create patents, publications, or startups for BITS Pilani.
  • SOLVE: SOLVE program includes innovation Program for Solving Societal and Business Problems A program that encourages individuals or group of individuals to work on a specific idea solving a critical societal / business problem.

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