Track 5


Prof Izabel Brandao
 Speaker 1

 (Professor of literature in English at Federal University of Alagoas, Brazil)

Izabel F. O. Brandão is Professor of literature in English, and contemporary Brazilian women writers, at Federal University of Alagoas, Brazil (now retired). Her publications include a book on D. H. Lawrence (1999) and others on feminist literary criticism both in Portuguese and English. She is one of the editors of a feminist anthology in translation (Traduções da cultura: perspectivas críticas feministas - 1970-2010 [‘Translations of Culture: Feminist Critical Perspectives 1970-2010’], Mulheres, Edufal & EdUFSC, 2017), nominated for the prestigious Brazilian Jabuti Award in 2018. Her latest book is Literatura e ecologia: trilhando novos caminhos críticos ("Literature and ecology: tracking new critical paths", Edufal, 2019, in collaboration). She is also a poet. She is currently working on a translation project for a book on ecocritical texts.