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About Practice School-I

Practice Makes Perfect



Practice School-I (PS-I) is of eight weeks duration. It is offered during the summer after the students have completed two years of course work. PS-I is primarily exposure-oriented program which is graded for five units as it is an integral part of the curriculum.


PS-I provides a comprehensive first exposure to professional workplace, to learn organization structure and function, to develop personality traits, and to enhance communication andpresentation (oral and written) skills.


Orientation (up to four weeks) comprises plant visits and interaction with executives to facilitate the process of learning by observation and discussion, duly aided by the Checklist (an exhaustive list of queries about different aspects of an organization). Projects (often study type, involving collecting data, organizing, analyzing, and presenting data/information) are assigned to promote learning by doing. Components of evaluation include Diary, Quiz, Group Discussion and Presentation to develop regularity, group learning, and communication skills.

Planning Process

The process begins almost one year before the begining of PS-I. The various steps include (i) deciding the list of eligible students, (ii) carrying out a demographic analysis to establish regionwise targets for the number of stations and seats, (iii) confirming the continuation of existing stations and initiating new stations, (iv) arranging for living accommodation whereever necessary, and (v) deciding about the faculty and student co-instructor needs.

Allotment Process

The list of stations, along with the facilities provided is announced to the students. The students then submit their preference order for the stations, along with information on their accommodation status at the various locations. The allotment is carried out on the basis of the CGPA of the students, keeping their preferences and the availability of accommodation in view, along with any particular requirements specified by the organizations.


Zynga sign up as Practice School-II station. 

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