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Non Tenured - On Campus

Non Tenured - On Campus
  • Background and Purpose

    BITS encourages young researchers and professors who are starting their careers, those who have superannuated , for appointment at BITS not against a tenured position, but for a fixed duration as “Visiting” or on “contract”. However, these appointments are  not routine ( i.e. continued year after year ) but mostly  to meet  immediate teaching and other requirements.  
    The positions available under “ non-tenured faculty “ appointments are:
    • post-doctoral researchers  Research Associate (or PDF) to work with us on research projects for 1 to 3 years,
    • Visiting Faculty, Visiting  Professors, for 3 months to 2 years to enrich our teaching, research or curriculum which includes Faculty “on contract”, Honorary Visiting Professor
    • Guest Faculty who will help us with WILP programmes and on-campus needs of a department ( preferably  for an academic semester).

  • Guidelines, Terms, Conditions

    The terms, conditions, benefits, compensation, are given below. These have been documented and compared with each other in the form of a tab le in Annexure 1.  The range of compensation that is applicable to each of these non-tenured positions are given in Annexure 2.
    The terms and  conditions, ( those  applicable to ) regular faculty, are given for comparison purposes only. 

  • Selection Process

    While the selection Process #1 is the recruitment process currently followed to induct new tenure-track faculty, Processes #2 applies to non-tenure positions. Process #3 is for the appointment of “Guest Faculty ( on-campus- [3a] /off-campus [3b]).
    The above terms/conditions will apply to all new “hires” only, and  not to existing non-tenured faculty members.  

  • Annexure 1: Terms, conditions, benefits for fixed-term, non-tenured faculty

  • Annexure 2: Compensation range for non-tenured faculty positions

  • Annexure 3: Selection processes for appointment against fixed-term non- tenured positions

  • Proforma for Process 2 to recommend, approve appointment of non-tenured faculty

  • Proforma for Process 3 to recommend, approve appointment of Guest Faculty

  • Selection process for the appointment of Guest Faculty

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