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Research and Innovation:
Research Based Consultancy

Focusing on connecting ideas with disciplines by assisting in any way possible. Take a look at our Research Based Consultancy below.

Upcoming Research Based Consultancy Projects

At BITS we aim at creating exciting areas of tomorrow’s research through collaboration today.
Research at BITS is about finding connections between diverse ideas and disciplines. Explore the list of research based consultancy below.

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BIOWETS – Source Separation Toilet user interface and wastewater treatment

Soil Protection and Rehabilitation for food Security Terra Preta Sanitation

Research & Analysis of Bacterial Content in Washing Machine

Detection and quantification of enzymes in detergents and Patch Test Assays with Allergic reactions

To submit projetto study impact of negative factors which effect the ecology of wetland and importance of monitoring natural wetland ecosystem

Bioleaching of limestone and clay to remove iron and other transition elements (Titanium, chromium, manganese, nickel and zinc)

Utilization of Palm oil effluent and solid sludge for protein production so as to use it as feed additive for animals.