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Research Scholar position leading to Ph.D.

Research Scholar leading to Ph.D.

A Ph.D. position in Drug Metabolism Prediction is open in the laboratory of Dr. Vaibhav Dixit, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacy, BITS Pilani.

As a Ph.D. scholar, sponsored by BITS Pilani, you will be focused on the development of drug metabolism prediction methodologies using chemoinformatics, bioinformatics, and medicinal chemistry techniques. The project will involve (but not limited to) QSAR, machine learning, docking, dynamics studies mostly using opensource software packages.
Last year of Ph.D., may involve some in-vitro testing either in BITS or with US collaborators.

Desirable skill set:

The candidate is expected to have entry/associate level experience in quantum chemistry and/or molecular modeling software. Programming experience (even if at a beginner level) is highly desirable, but more important is the aptitude and desire to learn new/modern methods of scripting and programming languages like python, java, and shell. The candidate will have ample opportunity to learn from experts in pharmacy and computer science departments.

Basic (textbook) knowledge of principles used in medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, pharmacology (PKPD), statistics will be valuable in the project.

Good to excellent communication and presentation skills.  Fluency in writing and speaking English is highly desirable.

Ability to prepare of high quality reports and presentations using word processing, power point excel, referencing software like Mendeley.

Key Job Responsibilities:

Perform literature search and collect data from relevant sources.

Develop ligand and structure based models of drug metabolism.

Employ machine learning techniques.

Prepare monthly summary (reports) of the work done, attend regular one-to-one and group meetings with PI.

Organize your work, and plan for short-term and long-term objective of your Ph.D. thesis work.  Find the right balance for yourself between work and personal life and tasks.

Assist the PI in setting laboratory infrastructure and participate in designing SOPs.

You may be assigned instructor roles and will assist instructor in-charge for one laboratory session of undergraduate program from 2nd year of your Ph.D.

Introduction to the Institute and Ph.D. program overview can be found here ( and

For additional information please contact Dr. Vaibhav Dixit at or

Official advertisement is likely to appear on BITS Pilani website in early Dec/Jan 2018 and applications should be submitted through the online portal.

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