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Student Project/Thesis

Student Project/Thesis

Student Project/Thesis

Thesis Supervised:
PhD Thesis: 6
As Supervisor: 5 
Completed : 01
"Prospects of Fractional Calculus in Sustainable Development Goals" by Mr Kocherlakotta Satya Pritam (2015PHXP011P). Co-Supervisor: Dr Shivi Agarwal in September, 2020.
Ongoing: 04
"Fractional Calculus based Soft Computing Techniques and their Applications" by Ms Sugandha (2018PHXP0024P). Co-Supervisor: Dr Kamlesh Tiwari
"Generalized Fractional Differintegral Equations and Their Applications in Mathematical Modeling of Socioeconomic and Epidemiologic Problems" by Ms Komal (2019PHXF0041P).
Topic is yet to be finalized -- Ms Babli Yadav (2020PHXP0046P) 
Topic is yet to be finalized -- Mr Ashish Yadav (2020PHXP0444P) 
As Co-Supervisor: 1
Presently co-supervising a PhD thesis "Data Envelopment Analysis Models for Benchmarking to Improve Public Transport Sector" by Ms Swati (2018PHXF0409P). Supervisor: Dr Shivi Agarwal.
First Degree Thesis: 10
"Applications of RNN in Portfolio Construction" submitted by Nikita Singh (2016B4A70509P) in I Semester, 2020-21.
"Applications of Fractional Calculus in Neural Networks" submitted by Bhavesh Navandar (2014B4A10648P) in II Semester, 2019-20.
Co-supervised "2D Shape Registration and Comparison in Image Analysissubmitted by Vighnesh Hegade (2015B4A70342P) in I Semester, 2019-20. (Supervisor: Dr. Martin Herman, Senior advisor for forensics and IT, National Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S. Department of Commerce)

Co-supervised "Application of discrete mathematics to develop methods for footwear impression comparisonsubmitted by Akul Sareen (2013B4A7743P) in II Semester, 2017-18. (Supervisor: Dr. Martin Herman, Senior advisor for forensics and IT, National Institute of Standards and Technology, U.S. Department of Commerce)
Co-supervised "Finding {p, p} - equivelar maps on small number of verticessubmitted by Shubham Sharma(2013B4A8703P) in II Semester, 2017-18. (Supervisor: Prof. Basudeb Datta, Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)
"Application of Fractional Calculus in PID Controllers" submitted by Mr Mohit Saluja (2012B4A3642P) in I Semester 2016-17.
"Application of Fractional Calculus to Rainfall-Sreamflow Modelling" submitted by Ms Vasundhara Sharma (2010B4A2719P) in I Semester 2014-15.
"Univalent functions in the dynamics of viscous flows with the discussion of Hele-Shaw problem"; submitted by Mr Kaustubh Sakhalkar (2009B4A4695P) in I Semester 2013-14.
Co-supervised  "SHG’s – A tool to empower women in India"; submitted by Ms Manisha Rana (2009B4A7596P) in I Semester 2013-14. (Supervisor Dr Pushplata)
"Supply Chain Risk Assessment using Fuzzy Logic"; submitted by Mr Vinay Dwivedi (2007B4A8700P) in II Semester 2011-12.
Study Projects Supervised: 17

"Discrete Fractional Calculussubmitted by Vighnesh Hegade (2015B4A70342P) in I Semester 2018-19.

"A Study of DEA with Neural Networkssubmitted by Arjun Gupta (2014B4A30754P) in II Semester 2017-18.
"Geometric Methods for Digital Image Processingsubmitted by Sahil Singhal (2014B4A40555P) in I Semester 2017-18.
"Topological Data Analysis" submitted by Akul Sareen (2013B4A7743P) and Shubham Sharma(2013B4A8703P) in I Semester 2016-17. 



"Introduction To Analytical Number Theory" submitted by Ananya Banerjee (2013B4TS958P) in II Semester 2015-16.



"A Study of Subordination Properties of Univalent Functions" submitted by Ilashree (2012B4A7138P) in I Semester 2015-16. 



"Fractional Calculus" submitted by Himanshu Garg (2012B4TS698P) in I Semester 2015-16.



"Study of Fractional Taylor Series" submitted by Shubhangi Sikaria (2012B4TS984P) in II Semester 2014-15. 



"Study of univalent function theory" submitted by Aniruddha Ghosh (2011B4A4199P) in I Semester 2014-15. 



"Study of Graph Algorithms"; submitted by Pranjal Jain (2010B2A4799P) and Rahul Chandnani (2010B3A4617P) in II semester 2013-14.



"Study of advanced topic in Graph Theory"; submitted by Shobhit Trehan (2010B2A7757P) and Vipul Aggarwal (2010B4A3500P) in II semester 2013-14.



"Labelled Graph and their application in online social networks"; submitted by Ankit Maharia (2010B4A7723P) and Aayush Agarwal (2010B4A7710P) in II semester 2013-14.



"Study of everywhere continuous but nowhere differentiable functions using fractional calculus"; submitted by Vasundhara Sharma (2010B4A2719P) in II semester 2012-13.



"Applications of Topology in Engineering"; submitted by Aatman Vora (2009B4A4572P) and Udbhav Prasad (2009B4A7523P) in II Semester 2011-12.



"Application of Fractional Calculus in the study of Fractal Functions"; submitted by Harsh Chhatwani (2009B4A7619P) and P. Ravi Teja (2009B4A7645P) in II Semester 2011-12.



"A study of some Generalized Star-like and Convex Functions"; submitted by Vinay Kumar B.R. (2009B4A3371P) and Kaustubh Sakhalkar (2009B4A4695P) in II Semester 2011-12.



"Study of Fractals using Fractional Calculus"; submitted by Sarthak Das (2006B4A7549P) and Rakul Viswanath (2006B4A8450P) in II Semester 2009-10.

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