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My interests in Computing are broad - ranging over theoretical, experimental, developmental, and educational aspects of computing. My work experience includes teaching, academic research, experimental research & development, software product development in the industry, and intellectual property development.
My areas of interest appear below listed by subject categories but not ordered in any way. The topics may appear to be disparate but there are underlying themes to be discerned.
If you are interested in discussing any of these or other topics of research, please feel free to email me (sundarb AT pilani DOT bits-pilani DOT ac DOT in) or drop by my office (Room 1104-H) - I'm always eager to listen, discuss, and venture into new areas so that I can learn, educate, apply, and possibly succeed (or possibly fail!).


(Refereed) Publications

  • S. Balasubramaniam and Benjamin C. Pierce. What is a file synchronizer? In Fourth Annual ACM/IEEE International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (MobiCom '98), October 1998. [] (A more detailed version available as Indiana University, Bloomington, CSCI Technical Report #507, April 1998.)
  • Sundar Balasubramaniam and Harsh Jegadeesan. eThens A modular framework for eGovernance. Proceedings of the International Conference on Politics and Information Systems, Technologies and Applications (PISTA 2004). Orlando, Florida, USA, July 2004. [eThens_PISTAA.pdf ]
  • Rajdeep Niyogi and Sundar Balasubramaniam. Planning in a Distributed System, In A. Pal et al. (Eds.): IWDC 2005, LNCS 3741, pp. 566?571, 2005. [iwdc05.pdf ]
  • Biju Raveendran, Sundar Balasubramaniam, K Durga Prasad and S. Gurunarayanan, A Context-Switch Reduction Heuristic for Power-Aware Off-line Scheduling, 11th Asia-Pacific Computer Systems Architecture Conference (ACSAC), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 4186, C. Jesshope and C. Egan (editors), Springer-Verlag. Shanghai, China, September 2006, pp 404-411.[ACSAC_2006.pdf]
  • Biju Raveendran , Sundar Balasubramaniam, K Durga Prasad  and S. Gurunarayanan ,Variants of Priority Scheduling Algorithms for Reduced Context Switches in Real Time System, 8th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking (ICDCN), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol , Soma Chaudhuri, Samir R. Das, Himadri S. Paul, Srikanta Tirthapura (editors), Springer-Verlag. Guwahati, India, December, 2006, pp 466-478. [ICDCN_2006.pdf]
  • Biju Raveendran , Sundar Balasubramaniam , and S. Gurunarayanan ., Evaluation of Priority Based Real Time Scheduling Algorithms: Choices and Tradeoffs, In Proceedings of the 23rd Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (ACM SAC'08), Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil, March 16 - 20,  2008, pp 302-307. [ACMSAC_2008.pdf ]
  • Harsh Jegadeesan, Sundar Balasubramaniam. Differentiating Commoditized Services in a Services Market Place. In IEEE Services Computing Conference 2008, Honolulu , Hawaii , USA.[Flavors_IEEE_SCC.pdf]
  • Harsh Jegadeesan, Sundar Balasubramaniam. An MOF2-based Services Metamodel. Journal of Object Technology. Vol. 7 No.8, Nov./Dec. 2008. [JOT_ServicesMetamodel.pdf]
  • Harsh Jegadeesan, Sundar Balasubramaniam. A Model-driven approach to Service Policies. Journal of Object Technology. Vol. 8 No. 2, Mar./Apr. 2009   [JOT_ServicePolicies.pdf ]
  • Harsh Jegadeesan, Sundar Balasubramaniam. A Method to Support Variability of Enterprise Services on the Cloud.  Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing. Cloud II 2009, Bangalore, Sep. 2009. [Variability_Cloud_2009.pdf ]
  • Harshavardhan Jegadeesan, Sundar Balasubramaniam. Service Flavors: Differentiating Service Offerings in a Services Marketplace.  International Journal of Web Services Research. Volume 7, Number 1, January-March 2010 (pp.22-45). [JWSR_jan_mar10.pdf ] 


  • Apparatus and method for abstracting markup language documents. S. Balasubramaniam, Mohan Vishwanath, and Anurag Mendhekar. Online Anywhere. Jan 1999. (Issued: 2002. US. Patent #6,359,633.) 
  • Cross-spectrum Application Model For Dynamic Computing Environments in Software Lifecycle. Jagadish Bandhole, Sekaran Nanja, and S. Balasubramaniam. Jareva Technologies, Dec. 2000. (Issued: 2007. U.S. Patent #7,213,231) 
  • Inferring Relations between Internet Objects that are not connected directly. Venkat Kolluri, S. Balasubramaniam, Alden DoRosario, John Guidi, and Andrei Kotlov. Lycos, Inc. June 2001. (Issued: 2007. U.S. Patent #7,299,270) 
  • Collaborative Computing Models using Dynamic Computing Environments. Jagadish Bandhole, Sekaran Nanja, and S. Balasubramaniam. Jareva Technologies, March 2001. (Pending)
  • System to provide Computing as a product using Dynamic Computing Environments. Jagadish Bandhole, Sekaran Nanja, and S. Balasubramaniam. Jareva Technologies, Jan 2002. (Issued: 2006. U.S. Patent #7,036,00)

Student Presentations, Posters, and Awards

  • Rahul Mohan Gupta, Amit Roy, and Mayank Kamthan. (Mentor: Sundar Balasubramaniam) Electronic Cards Exchange: Google Product Prodigy Award (3rd Prize), March. 2008. Bangalore.
  • Devdatta Akawe and Sundar Balasubramaniam. A Formal Verification of Memory Security in Run-Time Environments. Poster Presentation at APLAS (The Sixth Asian Symposium on Programming Languages & Systems), Dec. 2008. Bangalore. [dev-aplas08-paper.pdf ]
  • Amit Roy and Sundar Balasubramaniam. Pranaa: A Personalized Desktop File System. Student Research Symposium at HiPC (High Performance Computing), Dec. 2008. Bangalore. [Best Poster Award]. [amit-hipc08-paper.pdf ]

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