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Theses Supervised

Theses Supervised

Ph. D



PhD Students Supervised (06) 

  1. Dr. Sudeep Kumar Pradhan: An Integrated Approach for Design of Supply Management: A Supply Chain Perspective (Awarded; 2016).  [Supervisor: Srikanta Routroy].
  2. Dr. C V Sunil Kumar: Design of Supplier Development Programs for Indian Manufacturing Companies - A Supply Chain Perspective (Defended successfully, 31/01/2017 and Awarded), [Supervisor: Srikanta Routroy].
  3. Dr. Pavan Kumar Potdar: Development of Agility Enhancement Strategies for Agile Manufacturing (Defended successfully, 06/06/2017 and Awarded). [Supervisor: Srikanta Routroy].
  4. Dr. Rahul Priyadarshi: Design of Post-Harvest Supply Chain for Selected Agriculture Produces in India, (Supervisor: Prof. Srikanta Routroy and Co-Supervisor: Dr. Girish Kant) (Defended successfully, 10/02/2021 and Awarded).
  5. Dr. Anuj Dixit: Design of healthcare supply chain for generic medicines to enhance availability and minimize wastage (Supervisor: Prof. Srikanta Routroy and Co-Supervisor: Dr. Sunil Kumar Dubey) (Defended successfully, 27/01/2021 and Awarded).
  6. Sishir Goyal: Analysis of Environmental Sustainability Aspects for Steel Supply Chain in India, (Supervisor: Prof. Srikanta Routroy) (Defended successfully, 11/09/2021).

On-going PhD Supervision (09) 

  1. F Abdullah Sultan: Design of Supply Side of Surimi Value Chain in India: A Supply Chain Approach (Supervisor: Prof. Srikanta Routroy; and Co-Supervisor: Dr.  Maitri Thakur, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture, Trondheim, Norway).
  2. Astajyoti Behera: Study the Implications of Buyer-Supplier Relationship on Supply Chain Performance: An Empirical Analysis in Indian Business Environment (Supervisor: Prof. Srikanta Routroy and Co-Supervisor: Dr. Sudeep Kumar Pradhan)
  3. Shailendra Pawanr: Investigation of energy consumption for selected machine tools (Supervisor: Dr. Girish Kant and Co-Supervisor: Prof. Srikanta Routroy).
  4. Shailendra Singh: Development of E-waste management strategies for e-products in India (Supervisor: Prof. M S Dasgupta and Co-Supervisor: Prof. Srikanta Routroy).
  5. Gaurav Tygai: Development of construction materials from galvanic and electroplating sludge:  A Sustainable Business Model (Supervisor: Prof. Anupam Singhal, Co-Supervisor: Prof. Srikanta Routroy and Prof. Dipendu Bhunia)
  6. Anubhav Tiwari:  Design of Construction Supply Chain for Reduction of Project Cost and Duration: A Study on Indian Road Projects (Supervisor: Dr. Prasanta Kumar Sahu and Co-Supervisor: Prof.  Srikanta Routroy)
  7. Nikita Dhankar: Design of Upstream Supply Chain for Selected Agriculture Produces to Enhance Farmers’ Income: A Study on Selected Districts of Rajasthan (Supervisor: Prof. Srikanta Routroy and Co-Supervisor: Prof. Satyendra Kumar Sharma)
  8. Khalid Hussain Ansari: Design of downstream supply chain for selected agriculture produces and its Value-Added Products to Enhance Farmer’s Income (Supervisor: Prof. Srikanta Routroy and Co-Supervisor: Dr. Krishna M)
  9. K.Bhavana: Some aspects of Technology Integration Using Renewable Energy source and Energy Storage System: A Sustainable Farming Approach (Supervisor: Prof. P Srinivasan and Co-Supervisor: Prof.  Srikanta Routroy 


M. E.

ME Dissertations

  • Study on some of the Aspects of National Food Security Act, 2013
  • Comparative Analysis of Manufacturing Supply Chain Agility Performance Level Using Taguchi Loss Functions & Design of Experiments Method
  •  Study the various aspects of Agriculture Supply Chain in India
  • Performance Analysis of Agile Supply Chain
  • Identification and Quantification of Criteria for Successful Implementation of Supplier Development Program-An Application Using MATLAB
  • Development of DSS for determining optimal pricing strategy in dynamic pricing environment 
  • Study of Foreign Direct Investment in Vegetable Supply Chain
  •  Design of inventory driver in multi-echelon supply chain using ARENA
  • A Study on some aspects of outsourcing decision and its impact on Supply Chain Performance
  • An empirical study of critical factors for implementation of Green Supply Chain Management in Indian manufacturing industries
  •  Evolutionary algorithms for selected optimization problem in Supply Chain Management   
  • Decision framework for performance evaluation in supply chain
  • Justification of facility location decision in Supply Chain Management 
  •  Justification of the transportation decision in the supply chain
  •  Study of demand planning in supply chain
  • Development of decision support system for design of warehouse

B.E (Dual Degree)


 BE Thesis Supervised (Partial List) 

  • Study and Estimation of Demand of Various Aspects of Supply and Demand for Scientific and Technological Manpower: National Priorities and Globalization
  • Understanding various aspects of Post-Harvest Supply Chain of perishable and semi-perishable agricultural produce
  • Study the various aspects of the supply chain associated with NFSA for its improvement
  • E-Commerce: Analyzing the Distribution Networks and its evolution in India
  • Analyzing the Supply Chain Performance in Steel Industry
  • Application of multivariate data analysis techniques in SCM
  • Development of Lot Size Based Discount Model for Achieving Supply Chain Coordination
  • Analysis of Lean Supply Chain and its Benchmarking
  • Analysis of Supply Chain Risk Management     
  • Study of Supplier Relationship Management           
  • Analyzing Agile Manufacturing Using ISM 
  • Supplier Selection in Agile Manufacturing 
  • Empirical investigation of supplier development issues in Indian industries
  • Development of risk assessment model for manufacturing supply chain through benchmarking approach
  • Study of supplier development issues in manufacturing supply chain
  • Development of simulation model using ARENA to study product substitution in supply chain
  • Development of DSS for supplier evaluation in green supply chain
  • Justification of green supply chain management
  • Supply chain inventory management in perishable environment
  • Inventory management in closed loop supply chain using ARENA
  • Study of Strategies for world class maintenance
  • Study of some aspects of lean and agile supply chain
  • Manufacturing process optimization using artificial neural networks
  • Development of evolutionary algorithms for some operational issues in multi echelon supply chain
  • A study on multi-echelon serial supply chain inventory planning using evolutionary algorithm
  • The application of RFID in supply chain management

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