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Theses Supervised

Theses Supervised

Ph. D



PhD Students Supervised (06) 

  1. Dr. Sudeep Kumar Pradhan: An Integrated Approach for Design of Supply Management: A Supply Chain Perspective (Awarded; 2016).  [Supervisor: Srikanta Routroy].
  2. Dr. C V Sunil Kumar: Design of Supplier Development Programs for Indian Manufacturing Companies - A Supply Chain Perspective (Defended successfully, 31/01/2017 and Awarded), [Supervisor: Srikanta Routroy].
  3. Dr. Pavan Kumar Potdar: Development of Agility Enhancement Strategies for Agile Manufacturing (Defended successfully, 06/06/2017 and Awarded). [Supervisor: Srikanta Routroy].
  4. Dr. Rahul Priyadarshi: Design of Post-Harvest Supply Chain for Selected Agriculture Produces in India, (Supervisor: Prof. Srikanta Routroy and Co-Supervisor: Dr. Girish Kant) (Defended successfully, 10/02/2021 and Awarded).
  5. Dr. Anuj Dixit: Design of healthcare supply chain for generic medicines to enhance availability and minimize wastage (Supervisor: Prof. Srikanta Routroy and Co-Supervisor: Dr. Sunil Kumar Dubey) (Defended successfully, 27/01/2021 and Awarded).
  6. Sishir Goyal: Analysis of Environmental Sustainability Aspects for Steel Supply Chain in India, (Supervisor: Prof. Srikanta Routroy) (Defended successfully, 11/09/2021).

On-going PhD Supervision 

  1. F Abdullah Sultan: Design of Supply Side of Surimi Value Chain in India: A Supply Chain Approach (Supervisor: Prof. Srikanta Routroy; and Co-Supervisor: Dr.  Maitri Thakur, Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture, Trondheim, Norway).
  2. Astajyoti Behera: Study the Implications of Buyer-Supplier Relationship on Supply Chain Performance: An Empirical Analysis in Indian Business Environment (Supervisor: Prof. Srikanta Routroy and Co-Supervisor: Dr. Sudeep Kumar Pradhan)
  3. Shailendra Pawanr: Investigation of energy consumption for selected machine tools (Supervisor: Dr. Girish Kant and Co-Supervisor: Prof. Srikanta Routroy).
  4. Shailendra Singh: Development of E-waste management strategies for e-products in India (Supervisor: Prof. M S Dasgupta and Co-Supervisor: Prof. Srikanta Routroy).
  5. Gaurav Tygai: Development of construction materials from galvanic and electroplating sludge:  A Sustainable Business Model (Supervisor: Prof. Anupam Singhal, Co-Supervisor: Prof. Srikanta Routroy and Prof. Dipendu Bhunia)
  6. Anubhav Tiwari:  Design of Construction Supply Chain for Reduction of Project Cost and Duration: A Study on Indian Road Projects (Supervisor: Dr. Prasanta Kumar Sahu and Co-Supervisor: Prof.  Srikanta Routroy) 
  7. Nikita Dhankar: Application of AI for managing upstream supply chain operations in selected agriculture produces.
  8. Khalid Hussain Ansari: Design of downstream supply chain for selected agriculture produces and their value added product


M. E.

ME Dissertations

  1. Study on some of the Aspects of National Food Security Act, 2013
  2. Comparative Analysis of Manufacturing Supply Chain Agility Performance Level Using Taguchi Loss Functions & Design of Experiments Method
  3.  Study the various aspects of Agriculture Supply Chain in India
  4. Performance Analysis of Agile Supply Chain
  5. Identification and Quantification of Criteria for Successful Implementation of Supplier Development Program-An Application Using MATLAB
  6. Development of DSS for determining optimal pricing strategy in dynamic pricing environment 
  7. Study of Foreign Direct Investment in Vegetable Supply Chain
  8.  Design of inventory driver in multi-echelon supply chain using ARENA
  9. A Study on some aspects of outsourcing decision and its impact on Supply Chain Performance
  10. An empirical study of critical factors for implementation of Green Supply Chain Management in Indian manufacturing industries
  11.  Evolutionary algorithms for selected optimization problem in Supply Chain Management   
  12. Decision framework for performance evaluation in supply chain
  13. Justification of facility location decision in Supply Chain Management 
  14.  Justification of the transportation decision in the supply chain
  15.  Study of demand planning in supply chain
  16. Development of decision support system for design of warehouse

B.E (Dual Degree)


 BE Thesis Supervised (Partial List) 

  • Study and Estimation of Demand of Various Aspects of Supply and Demand for Scientific and Technological Manpower: National Priorities and Globalization
  • Understanding various aspects of Post-Harvest Supply Chain of perishable and semi-perishable agricultural produce
  • Study the various aspects of the supply chain associated with NFSA for its improvement
  • E-Commerce: Analyzing the Distribution Networks and its evolution in India
  • Analyzing the Supply Chain Performance in Steel Industry
  • Application of multivariate data analysis techniques in SCM
  • Development of Lot Size Based Discount Model for Achieving Supply Chain Coordination
  • Analysis of Lean Supply Chain and its Benchmarking
  • Analysis of Supply Chain Risk Management     
  • Study of Supplier Relationship Management           
  • Analyzing Agile Manufacturing Using ISM 
  • Supplier Selection in Agile Manufacturing 
  • Empirical investigation of supplier development issues in Indian industries
  • Development of risk assessment model for manufacturing supply chain through benchmarking approach
  • Study of supplier development issues in manufacturing supply chain
  • Development of simulation model using ARENA to study product substitution in supply chain
  • Development of DSS for supplier evaluation in green supply chain
  • Justification of green supply chain management
  • Supply chain inventory management in perishable environment
  • Inventory management in closed loop supply chain using ARENA
  • Study of Strategies for world class maintenance
  • Study of some aspects of lean and agile supply chain
  • Manufacturing process optimization using artificial neural networks
  • Development of evolutionary algorithms for some operational issues in multi echelon supply chain
  • A study on multi-echelon serial supply chain inventory planning using evolutionary algorithm
  • The application of RFID in supply chain management

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