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International Publication
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National Publication

 ü  Sa  Styendra Sharma., Chadha, S., & Dhar, S. (2018). Measuring the Impact of Socially Responsible Supply Chains on Fir    m Performance. Prabandhan: Indian Journal of Management, Vol.11, No.10, pp. 22-38.

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ü   Satyendra Sharma and Anil Bhat. (2009), " Word of expertise to solve SCM issues", SCMS Journal of Indian   Management, Vol. 6, No.4, pp. 99-105.


C          Conferences Publications

 ü S     Sharma, S. K. and Routroy, S. " Environmental risk modelling in supply chain" Intl conference on Trans formative busine   ss models (TBM) organized by HCT Business School Dubai, 18-19 March 2019

ü   Sharma S. K " Transportation risks in perishable goods" Presented at NIDA Business school, Bangkok 3-4 March   2018

ü   Sharma, S. K. and Chadha, S. " Risk adjusted landed cost model in supply chain", Intl conference on Research   and  business sustainability organized by IIT Roorki, 16-17 Dec 2017

ü   Sharma, S. K., Singh, R. and Matai, R. "Relationship between supply chain performance and firm performance",   Intl conference on Flexible system and management organized by GLOGIFT and DTU, 11-13 Dec 2017

ü   Sharma, S.K., " Risk assessment of India automotive enterprises" Intl Conference on Big data analytics to   optimize supply chain. Organized by POMS India chapter & SPJIMR, Mumbai (29-30 July, 2016)

ü   Sharma, S.K, " Risk modelling of Infrastructure projects: A simulation model", Intl conference on Speed, Scale,   and Sustain organized by SVNIT and IIE (26-28 Nov. 2015)

ü   Sharma, S.K., "Pre-selection of contractors before inviting for bidding using AHP", A Global conference   organized by MDI Gorgoan & XLRI Jamshedpur (5-7 March, 2014) published by springer

ü   Sharma, S.K., Dutta, N. and Bhat A., "An Investigation into Service Quality, Service Distribution and Customer   Satisfaction: A Case study of AIRTEL", An International conference on Marketing Organized by IITD, Curtin   University, Australia and XLRI Jamsedpur (21-22 Dec, 2013)

ü   Agarwal, R. and Sharma, S.K., "Prioritization of Supply Chain Risk Assessors using Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy   Process“  to appear in IEEE explore proceedings of International Conference Machine Intelligence Research and   Advancement (21-23 Dec., 2013).

ü   Dave, M. and Sharma, S.K., "Knowledge management in corporate environment", 7th ISDSI and 5th OSCM   international conference, organized at IMI Delhi (28-30 Dec, 2013)

ü   Sharma, S.K., Sharma, V.K. and Bhat A., " Risk management in ERP implementation projects", International   conference on business innovations and management at MNIT Jaipur (18-19 May, 2013)

ü   Sharma, S.K. and Bhat, A., "Supply Chain Risk: Retailers Perspective" in the proceedings of  10th AIMS   International conference on management at IIM Banglore, India (6-8 Jan., 2013)

ü   Sharma, S.K. and Bhat, A., "Supply chain risk management practices in Indian automotive sector", presented the   paper in International conference on Management in new world order at IIM Ranchi, India (12-13 August, 2012)

ü   Bhat, A., Sharma, S.K. and Harsha, S., "Relationship between corporate social responsibility and financial   performance of firm: An Indian context" presented the paper in International conference on Doing well by doing   good, SGBED organized by IIM Bangalore (India) and Curtin University (Australia), (9-11 July, 2012) Published   by Taylor and Fransis

ü   Sharma, S.K., Joshi, A. and Bhat, A., "Risk hedging through real options: Select case studies", in the proceedings   of International conference on Business intelligence, analytics and knowledge management at IBS   Hyderabad (April, 2012).

ü   Sharma, S.K. and Bhat, A., "A directional calculator for assessing supply chain risk", in the proceedings of   International conference on Advances in supply chain management and manufacturing management at IIT   Kharagppur, India (16-18 Dec., 2011).

ü   Sharma, S.K., Bhat A. and Puranik A., "Supply chain risk mitigation using ISM methodology", In the   proceedings  of annual international conference on Enterprise recourse planning and SCM, at GSTF (ERP-SCM),   Panag, Malasiya (16-17 March, 2011).

ü   Sharma, S.K. and Jindal A., "Green supply chain management", In the proceedings of International conference   Sustainable manufacturing, Issues, trends and practices at BITS Pilani (November, 2011).

ü   Sharma, S.K "Competitiveness in manufacturing through SCM" in the proceeding of International Conference on   Competitiveness in Indian Industry IIM Lucknow. (May 2008).

ü   Sharma, S.K., "Business and carbon credit", in conference proceeding of 4th International conference on Vision   2020- Managerial challenges and strategies at Icfai Business School, Ahememdabad, India (Jan., 2009).

ü   Sharma, S.K., Bhat A. and Puranik A. "Risk assessment in automotive industry", in conference proceeding of   International conference on operations and management science at IMT Nagpur, India (Feb. 2010)

ü   Sharma, S.K., Sogani, D. and Gupta, R., "Supply chain risk management in oil & gas sector" in the proceedings   of  International conference on Management of petroleum sector at School of petroleum management, Pandit   Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India( March 2010).


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