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Research Interest

Research Interest

Research interests. Dependability and high performance computing, Cyber-physical systems, Application of formal methods, Requirement engineering, Cyber-risk management.
Software Tools 
1. The AFMT simulator, available at:  (a joint work with my students: Siddhant Singh, Rohan Kela, Bhavesh Narra)
Research agenda.

Modern day infrastructures are complex systems with several inter-dependencies between the   components, human-in-loop, etc. Moreover, these infrastructures are increasingly being connected with public networks. As a result, a failure in one component may result into a sequence of failure of other components. This may result into cascading damages, stall the entire system leading to its unavailability and even lead to the loss of lives. The aim of my research is to build trustworthy systems – systems that are safe and secure and are also resilient. I accomplish my goal by advancing quantitative risk management theories, building models and analyzing them to find the disruption scenarios, predict likelihood of disruption and propose cost-effective countermeasures to block the most damaging disruption scenarios. Technically, I achieve the aforementioned goal through state-of-the-art model checking techniques. Additionally, I consider “poor elicitation of requirements” as one of the striking crisis of the software industry. Hence, I am also interested in the development of formal specification languages.


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