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Articles in Refereed Journals: The Most Recent Articles

Pratibha S & Krishna Muniyoor (2021) "Revisting the debt-growth nexus: Evidence from India", Economic Annals, Vol. 66, Issue 231, Published by Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade [Indexed in Scopus] View details

Krishna Muniyoor  (2021) "Are unpaid women willing to work in the labour market? Evidence from India", Journal of International Women's Studies, Vol.?, No ?. Accepted for publication, Published by Bridgewater State University, MA, USA [Indexed in Scopus & SJR: Q3]  

Bino Paul GD & Krishna Muniyoor (2021) "The Emerging Dynamics of Informal Employment", World Economics, Vol. 22, No 2, April-June 2021, pp.71-95, Published by Oxford Institute for Economic Policy.  [Newly Indexed in Scopus & SSCI] View Details  

Krishna Muniyoor (2021) "The structure of scholarly publishing: A case of economics research in India", Journal of the Knowledge Economy, Vol.12, No 2. [Indexed in Scopus & SJR: Q2] View Details 

Krishna Muniyoor (2020) "Cost-benefit analysis of adopting the solar photovoltaic water pumping system: A case of Rajasthan", Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment, Issue 2/2020, pp. 35-49, DOI:10.3280/EFE2020-002002 [Indexed in Scopus] View Details  

Krishna Muniyoor (2020) Is there a trade-off between energy consumption and employment: Evidence from India, Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol (255), 10 May. [Indexed in Scopus ABDC Ranking: A; SJR: Q1

Krishna Muniyoor and Bino Paul GD (2018) The Structure of Collaboration Networks: An Illustration of Indian Economics, Journal of Social Structure Vol. 18, No 4, pp.1-19, Carnegie Mellon University, USA. [Indexed in Scopus and SJR: Q3] View Details

Articles in Refereed Journals (Past)

Bino Paul GD, Krishna M and Venkatesh Murthy (2017) What Determines the Performance of Small Business Units? Insights from a Jewellery Cluster", Journal of Workplace Learning, Vol. 29 Issue: 6, pp.447-472 [Indexed in Scopus SJR: Q2] View Details

Krishna Muniyoor (2017) Does Caste Matter in the Labour Markets? Evidence from an Industrial Area", Artha Vijnana, Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Vol 59, No 1, pp 55-76. [Indexed in Scopus]

Krishna Muniyoor and Bino Paul GD (2015) On-the-job search in India: Some Macro Findings", Labour and Development, Vol. 21, No. 2, pp.243-257, Published by VV Giri National Labour Institute, Ministry of Labour and Employment, GoI. 

Krishna Muniyoor (2014) Employment in India: Emerging Dynamics, World Economics, Vol 15, No 4, October-December, pp.19-44, Published by World Economics in association with  the Oxford Institute for Economic Policy. [Indexed in Scopus &SSCI] View Details

Krishna Muniyoor and Bino Paul GD (2013) What Explains Wage in India" The Indian Journal of Industrial Relations, Special Issue, Vol 48, No 3, January pp 487-499 [Indexed in Scopus ABDC Ranking: C]

Bino Paul GD and Krishna Muniyoor (2012) Labour Market in Urban Agglomerations: A Case from an Indian Global City, Science, Technology and Society, An International Journal, 17:3 Special Issue, SAGE Publications [Co-authored with Bino Paul GD] [Indexed in Scopus & ABDC Ranking: B; SJR: Q2]

Bino Paul GD, Krishna M and Saritha CT (2012) Does Change in Science and Technology Explain Dynamics in the Human capital? An Inquiry into emerging trends in the nursing labour market, IASSI-Quarterly: Contributions to Indian Social Science, Vol 30, No 3&4, July-December, pp 33-62.

Bino Paul GD and Krishna Muniyoor (2011) Does Social Network Matter in Knowledge Output? Science, Technology, and Society, An International Journal, 16:2: pp 235-255, SAGE Publications. [Indexed in Scopus ABDC Ranking: B; SJR: Q2

Bino Paul, Kishore,Shaoni Sabanam, Sony Pellissery, and Krishna M (2008) Educational attainment of youth and implications for Indian labour Market, An exploration through data: Indian Journal of Labour Economics, Golden Jubilee Edition, Volume 51, Number 4, October December, p 813-830 (Jointly with ) [Indexed in Scopus & SJR: Q3] 

Book Chapters 

Krishna Muniyoor (2014) Job Search Methods in the Labour Market: An Empirical Analysis", Jobs and Livelihoods: Mapping the Landscape June, pp 49-65, Published by IRIS Knowledge Foundation, Mumbai


Bino Paul and Krishna M () "Youth Labour Market in India: Opportunities and Choices", book chapter published in Padma Prakash (eds), State of the Urban Youth India 2012: Employment, Livelihoods, Skills. Mumbai: Published by IRIS Knowledge Foundation in collaboration with UNITED NATIONS - HABITAT (Jointly with Bino Paul GD) 

Working Papers 
Indian Labour Market Report 2008, Published by Adecco-TISS Labour Market Research Initiative, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, Working Paper No 08, (Jointly with Bino Paul, Kishore,Shaoni Sabanam, and Venkatesh Murthy)
  •  The working paper was part of curriculum at the Jhon. F Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Papers in Conference Proceedings 
Krishna M and Bino Paul GD (2009) What Factors Make a World Small: A Case of Economics in India,in conference proceedings, "Science, Technology and Economy: Developing and Developed Countries", Fourth Annual International conference,Forum for Global Knowledge Sharing.
India Labour Market: Emerging Dynamics (2011), in conference proceedings, 'Skill Development for the Emerging New Dynamicsm in Asian Developing Countries Under Globalization, The second Annual Conference of the Academic Network for Development in Asia, Nagoya University, Japan (Jointly with Bino Paul G D and S Datta)

Krishna Muniyoor and Akshat Mechu (2016) "Demonetization: There's something, not much", View Details

Krishna Muniyoor (2015), "What Do Farmers Expect from the Union Budget 2016-17?, eSocial Science, View Details


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