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  • “Acyut-4”- Fully vision based Humanoid
  • “Shaurya”- Vision based AGV subject to uneven terrain and dynamic obstacles & unstructured environment.
  • Development of universal foot system for humanoid.
  • Development of Quad-Rotor.
  • Mechatronic Ball - A spherical rolling robot.


  • Acyut-I
  • Acyout-II
  • Acyout-III
  • Shaurya-AGV
  • Sketching Robot


  • Application of optimization techniques to improve performance of robotic manipulator
  • Implementation of optimization techniques in design of manipulator


  • Investigation on mechanical properties deterioration and their Influence on reliability.  


  • Application of metamodeling techniques to reduce the performance variation of two degrees of freedom RR planar manipulator
  • Stochastic analysis of free particle in nano size regimes
  • Modeling and optimizing the performance of 2 degrees of freedom RR planar robot manipulator, in terms of its positional accuracy using artificial neural networks
  • Design of compliant mechanisms: Life and reliability aspect


  • Investigation on mechanical properties deterioration and their Influence on reliability.  
  • Tape Tracking AGV Using IR Sensor  
  • Servo Control With Feed Back Card  
  • 2-DOF Close Kinematic Chain using Stepper Motor  
  • Simulation of Manipulator Motion using Pro-E  
  • Simulation of Control Strategy using Fuzzy Logic  
  • Simulation of Control Strategy using Neural Network  
  • Implementation of Servo Control  
  • Path Planning of AGV using Vision Sensor  
  • Step Climbing Robot: Hydra  
  • Obstacle Avoidance by AGV using Ultrasonic Sensor  
  • Temperature Sensing Gripper  
  • Alphabet Recognition Control Using Neuro-Fuzzy Scheme  
  • Implimentation of Nural-nework based robotic control  
  • Fabrication and control of planner manipulator  
  • Modeling and simulation of arm configuration in PROe  
  • Control and simulation of SCARA  
  • Design and analysis of flapping mechanism  
  • Design and analysis of fuzzy-controlled AGV  
  • Design and Simulation of biomimic Hexapode  
  • Design and simulation of dynamic vision guided AGV  
  • Repair & Control of SCARA Robot  
  • Robot Position Analysis using Danavit Hartenberg Parameters Implemented In MATLAB Modeling & Simulation of RCC Device  
  • Modeling &Simulation of Pick-n-Place Robot for All Four Configurations  
  • Simulation & Analysis of Robotic Arm Having 3 DOF  
  • Light Weight Direct Derive Robot Arm  
  • Design & Manufacturing of Mechanical Robotic Gripper  
  • Grass Cutter Robot  
  • Build A Light Chasing Robot  
  • Fabrication of Forced Oscillation Slip Sensor  
  • Design of Spray Painting Robot  
  • Design And Construction of Rotary Positioning Table And Control Through USB Port  
  • Modeling And Simulation of Four Type of Arm Configuration In Pro/E  
  • Controlling of Stepper Motor through USB Port  
  • To Build A Manipulator Equipped With Optical Interface to Detect Object Moving Along Conveyor and Imprinting of Manufacturing Date On Goods  
  • Automatic Blackboard Eraser Apparatus  
  • Control of Spherical Drive Wheeled AGV For Free Motion on A Plane  
  • Design And Fabrication of Five Fingered Robotic End-Effector  
  • A Review on Humanoid Research  
  • Position Control of Light Weight 2 DOF Parallel Mechanism Based Direct Drive Robotic Arm  
  • Design And Fabrication of Step Climbing AGV  
  • Design And Fabrication Sweeping Robot Design of Flexible Beam For Manipulator And Its Vibration Analysis  
  • Synchronization of Rotating Table With Stamping Mechanism  
  • Repairing of Cylindrical Manipulator  
  • Design And Development of Seed Sowing Machine  
  • Development of a balancing robot using IR range sensors to replace MEMS sensors  
  • Design and development of vision based pick n place robotic arm  
  • Design and development of vision based pick n place Gantry robot  
  • Design of ball n socket based RCC device  
  • Design and fabrication of rope climbing robot  
  • Robot navigation using 2 D image processing  
  • Design and simulation of Hexapod  
  • Design and development of brachiation robot  
  • Control of DC geared motor  
  • Design of book retrieving robot for library  
  • Repair and control of cylindrical manipulator  
  • Renovation of step climbing robot: Hydra  
  • Design of pick n place robot for gravity die casting process  
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System  
  • Mechatronic Lock  
  • Automatic Window Blind  
  • Automatic Light Controller With Smart Logic  
  • Mechatronic Door  
  • Automatic Drip Irrigation  
  • The Pumping System On Wells  
  • Design and Developmentof Sweeping Robot  
  • Design and fabrication wireless Manipulator  
  • Floor Wiping Robot  
  • Development of Stepper and DC motor setup  
  • Development of LDR, Strain gage steup  
  • Development of IR, US & Photo Transistor steup  
  • Development of OpAmp setup  

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AcYut-"the one who never falls" or "the Imperishable"

AcYut-"the one who never falls" or "the Imperishable" in Sanskrit- is the name of the series of humanoids being developed at the Centre for Robotics and Intelligent Systems by a team of undergraduates. 


Automated Ground Vehicles (AVGs)

Autonomous Ground Vehicles (AGVs) is an area in which intense robotics research has been going on all over the world. Development of AGVs aims at making mobile robotic machines which are self-sufficient and can function with minimum human intervention in their environment. Shaurya is one of its kind AGV being developed in CRIS-BITS,for real life implementations.

Message from Dr. B K Rout

Center for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (CRIS) is looking for highly motivated undergraduate students to work on various projects under progress.

Students should have ability to work in team and interest in working on interdisciplinary projects. In this regard they have to submit their brief biodata indicating their academic proficiency and extracurricular skill. Up to date biodata should be handed over to Demonstrator of CRIS during official hour. Shortlisted student would be contacted through mail. 


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