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CEL has a number of projects running in the Pilani and Goa campuses. One student member leads each project. The projects that are currently running are listed below.

  • Conquest

    Conquest  is the International Business Challenge and Entrepreneurship Conclave of BITS Pilani that invites most promising business startups to find the right investors and receive support of dedicated mentors. The hallmark of Conquest is its Business Plan Competition that has had a number of its past finalists start up within a year of winning the competition; while some of these startups have made successful exits, some are successful businesses today.

  • Epsilon

    Epsilon is the Intra-BITS Business Challenge organized by the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, BITS-Pilani. In the spirit of encouraging the atmosphere of entrepreneurship and celebrating entrepreneurial acumen in BITS, Epsilon aims to provide an engaging platform to transform high potential ideas into fully fledged startups.


  • New Venture Creation

    New Venture Creation (formerly Sparks New Ventures) is an innovative course at BITS Pilani conceptualized and coordinated by BITSAA in association with CEL.
    The purpose of this course is to not only study entrepreneurship but practice it. Student teams are expected to create a technology/product based startup and write a business plan including all the building blocks of creating an enterprise. In order to create a successful startup, student entrepreneurs will be required to address various issues in startup creation - product development, market research, technology viability, fund raising, competitive analysis, team formation, marketing & sales strategy.
    The course features guest-lectures from prestigious entrepreneurs, investors and academicians with strong experience in creating and running startups. Participating teams will be assigned an experienced entrepreneur mentor who will guide them through the semester and beyond. The teams will compete with each other and the best two teams will be awarded seed funding from the Sparks program to pursue the business idea for incubation after the completion of the course and eventually launch the business.

  • Print

    Print is one of the most unique projects run by the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. Through this project, CEL reaches out to all its stakeholders and fulfills one of its most important objectives- to spread the spirit of entrepreneurship to the student community and beyond.

    In its new avatar, Print does this by bringing out two publications, Aspire and Imagine.
    Imagine is the new e-magazine launched by the print team. The magazine was digitalized to cater to the rapidly changing way in which people access information. The theme behind Imagine is the power of ideas. It is ideas that drive the creative process and we believe that innovation is the mother of all great change. Imagine attempts to showcase some brilliant ideas in a reader friendly layout. We also try and get the stalwarts from varied fields to share their experiences with us and present these to our readers so that they can get inspired from these success stories.

    Aspire is the annual magazine brought out by CEL. It contains writings about the happenings from the world of entrepreneurship. It is basically an informative publication, discussing the hot topics in entrepreneurship. In the past editions, we have got some of the most successful entrepreneurs to write for us through Aspire.

    If you think that you can contribute to our endeavor, please get in touch with us. 

  • Rural Entrepreneurship

    Rural Entrepreneurship Division (RED) is CEL's rural entrepreneurship project, running in Rajasthan and Goa, and looks to turn our rural location into an advantage, by looking to assist and setup rural enterprises and in the process give a sustainable source of income to village folk in surrounding areas. A lot of RED's recent emphasis went on making the Biogas project, which aimed to put up a Biogas plant in the dairy community attached to the BET campus.
    Currently the team is working in the field of sanitation by pursuing an approach known asCommunity-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS)which focuses on igniting a change in sanitation behaviour rather than constructing toilets. It does this through a process of social awakening that is stimulated by facilitators from within or outside the community. CLTS entails the facilitation of a community's analysis of their sanitation profile, as well as their practices of defecation. Under this project, Participatory rural appraisal methods are going to be used to enable local communities to collectively internalize the impact of open defecation on public health and on the entire neighbourhood environment; hopefully leading to collective action to become open defecation free.
    The team's immediate goals in pursuing CLTS is to achieve an open defecation free status in nearby villages, but the real and long term objective behind it is to identify potential leaders through our CLTS initiative. It will enable us to identify enterprising individuals who might be willing to work for rural entrepreneurial ventures in the future.
    In Goa, RED is working towards creation of social businesses amongst the stake holders of the society who act as change makers in the long run. To achieve the same, the RED is working to infuse a Socio-entrepreneurial financial model to the Nirmaan-Goa chapter, an organisation working primarily on philanthropic lines by establishment of Self-help groups in the slums of Goa by producing Recycled Paper and Handicrafts for a sustained source of income and value creation.

  • SocialWeYou

    The specialized cell was created with focus on how businesses are moving from 'Interruption-based' marketing to 'relationship-based' conversations by connecting to people who in-turn become evangelists of a brand. It is this stimulus which changes mere brands to movements led by people. With similar analogies in mind, when the Social Media Cell was founded under CEL, it was the first of its kind in any entrepreneurship cell in India. While the usage of web tools remains indispensible, it will focus on specialised verticals like Non-profits, Startups, e-Governance and e-commerce in the future. The initiative is in its incubation stage. SocialWeYou will be the brand that the social media cell of CEL will start up with.

  • Summer in a Startup

    The Summer in a Startup programme seeks to promote startups and encourage entrepreneurial acumen amongst undergraduates. An initiative of The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, BITS Pilani and powered by BITSAA, SiS aims to give the students at BITS Pilani the opportunity to intern at a startup over the summer. In 2011, CEL is proud to present the 3rd edition of SiS.

  • Student Consultancy

    The Student Consultancy project at CEL is intended at harnessing the massive untapped talent pool available amongst campus students, into incentivised work. Aiming at providing end-to-end solutions to SMEs, ViMarsh channelizes freelancers in the campus to an interface while simultaneously exposing them to the rigors of matching the industry standards. Amongst its diversified verticals are included IT Solutions, Environment and Ecosystem Management, Organizational Management, H.R., Marketing, Analytics and Optimization, et al.


This Imagine issue is for some reason has turned out to be self introspective. Every new semester presents a new opportunity to get things right (and wrong). 

Interview with Mr. Manoj Saxena

We at CEL recently had the opportunity to catch up with Mr. Manoj Saxena who is a tech entrepreneur and the founder of the Saxena Foundation.

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