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Academic Counselling Cell

It takes Courage to ask for help

Role of Academic Counselling Cell

Beginning one's life at the University Level normally involves the a very important transition. There are opportunities to be taken and challenges to be met, all while adjusting to change. We at the Academic Counseling Cell understand that everyone needs to be listened to at some time in their life. We want to be there for students who need a listening ear.
The cell comprises about 12 faculty members with experience in mentoring students, one visiting counselor who visit the campus on a monthly basis. Apart from faculty mentors, ACC is strongly supported by student core team.
You may reach out to faculty mentors or student team members and take their guidance. 
These interactions will be kept confidential and is completely free of cost for the student. 


Documents for students published by ACC:

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Experience sharing by students towards examination

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October 21, 2021

Experience sharing by students - How to prepare for a BITSIAN Life

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December 26, 2021

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January 1, 2022

 Experience sharing by students - Fellowship/research internship/scholarships

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Feb 17, 2022

 World Environment Day

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 Dealing with distractions

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 First two years' experience

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Academic & Professional Journey - Hear from BITS Alumnus
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Preparation Tips for exams from the Prof themselves!

Dr. Virendra Singh Shekhawat

(I) Solve previous sems question papers (at-least last two sems)
(II) Read text book
(III) Approach your instructor and/or your friends for doubts

Dr. Sangeeta Sharma

Start your preparation seriously and as early as possible. Focus on what was done in class. If you were absent then find out from the friends whom you trust.

Dr. Sailaja Nandigama

(I) Think from the IC's perspective, and prepare selectively if you have less preparatory time at your disposal: put yourself in Instructor's shoes and prepare a model Question paper, and that will solve majority of your issues- if any.
(II) If you have sufficient preparatory time at your disposal, you may want to browse through all the required topics in your syllabus.
(III) Sit in groups with your sensible friends and explain to each other; listening to understand the concepts helps in answering your questions well.

Dr. Surekha Bhanot

Revise all tut problems, read text, reference book(s), mark important points, write important formulas, take care of units, write legibly, to the point . See last 3-4 years papers, attempt first the questions which you know for sure even if they carry less marks, read the Q paper very carefully, find time for 15-20 minutes workout in fresh air, Drink lot of water, no heavy meals, Breathe deeply

Dr. Murali Monohar Pandey

In semester pattern education.....especially in a continuous evaluation should keep in pace with the classes…this would reduce the load of study during exams to a great extent

Dr. Paritosh Shukla

Talk to your instructor; go through previous question papers; prioritize your topics; discuss with your classmates; take slow deep breaths during the exam

Dr. Priya C Sande

Whatever portions you study, do it thoroughly, giving thought to concepts and ideas. Make study cards for equations/ summary of concepts and revise theses at the end.

Please refer to other pages for further details on Academic Counseling Cell , BITS Pilani Pilani Campus.

Please note that this is a webpage for academic counselling/guidance for students.


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