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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why should I go to the Counseling Cell?

Every student requires some help at some point of time. You might be confused what subjects you should take up for your electives. Maybe you're not sure which stream to take up in your first year. Should you do a Dual degree? You can find many of your questions answered by the Student and the Faculty Mentors available just for you. In case you have some personal/career related issues you can also approach the Professional counselor available too. Students come for help for various reasons. Sometimes it is related to day to day issues. Other times it is family or relationship issues. Remember, it's OK to ask for help. Everyone does at one point or the other. Asking for help doesn't demean you. It just makes you smart enough to know, that you need some advice.

Who all can go to the Counseling Cell?

We welcome all students studying at Bits Pilani for discussions on personal, academic and career related issues.

Am I assured confidentiality?

We realize that it may be difficult for you to approach the Counseling Cell. Remember we are all here to help you. Whatever you share will be kept confidential. In case there is a need to speak to a faculty member or the counselor, it will only be done with your prior approval. We realize the importance of confidentiality and do not breach the trust you place on us by coming to the Counseling Cell.

What all can I talk about?

Students come to the Counseling Cell for various reasons. Students approach us for academic and personal issues. You can talk about stress, relationship issues, time management, peer pressure, depression, anxiety, substance usage and abuse, academic stress and loneliness as well.

What if my friend needs help?

You will have to convince your friend to approach the Counseling Cell if you feel they need help. We can provide help to the person concerned if they are willing to come to us.

Whom can I contact at the counseling Cell?

There is a list available for you with Names and brief background about the Student Mentors, Faculty Mentors and Professional Counselor. Feel free to contact anyone from the list for help. Try to make a prior appointment through email/phone call before you visit the person. Please be on time for your appointments.

Do I need to take an appointment?

It is ideal to take up an appointment prior to visiting the Counseling Cell. The Student Mentors, Faculty Mentors and Professional Counselor will keep time aside just for you. So, make the most of that time. Turn up on time!

Is there a fee/charge?

No, there is no additional charge from you. As long as you are a registered student at BITS, you can avail of the service.

How long does counseling take?

The length of counseling depends on the problems and the goals. Often, a situational problem or concern about a friend may require only one or two sessions. We generally try to provide enough help for you to be able to make progress and move forward with the issues on your own, even if they are not fully resolved.

How does counseling work?

There are a variety of counseling strategies tailored for different problems. In general, counseling is a collaborative process that involves joint problem-solving in a confidential context.



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