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Power Electronics and Power Systems

Power Electronics and Power Systems

Power Electronics and Power Systems

Power and energy systems research emphasizes all aspects of electrical energy, innovation in energy generation and delivery, alternative resources, and efficient devices. Research projects address systems and devices for the conversion, delivery, and use of energy in electrical form. The activity ranges from controls for large utility systems to energy harvesting devices for micro-sensors. Electrical energy continues to be the foundation of the modern economy. The growth of solar energy, wind energy, and other resources, combined with trends such as electric and hybrid vehicles will a have profound impact on global society.


  • Power Systems
  • Power Electronics
  • Electrical Machines and Drives
  • Renewable Energy


Title of the Research Project: Inter-area oscillation Control using Embedded Energy Storage in Interconnected Power System with Distributed Generation.
Funding Agency: Seed Grant Scheme, BITS, Pilani 
Amout: 11.15 Lakhs 
Status: Completed
PI : Dr. H. D. Mathur
Co-PI: Dr. Rajneesh Kumar and Dr. H.O. Bansal
Title of the Research Project: Examination on conversion of carbon black to carbon nano tubes (CNTs) using arc discharge method
Funding agency: Aditya Birla group (ABG)
Amount: 10 Lakhs 
Status: On-going
PI: Dr. N N Sharma
Co-PI: Dr. Rajneesh Kumar
Title of the Research Project: Design, development and implementation of a building integrated photovoltaic system for rural application
Funding agency: State Innovation council, Government of Rajasthan, Jaipur
Amount: One Crore thirty three lakh twenty nine thousand (1,33,29,000)
Status: On-going
PI: Dr. Rajneesh Kumar 
Duration: Three years


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Research Scholars

Yogesh K, Aishwarya Panday

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