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Faculty Members

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Dr. Hitesh Datt Mathur
Associate Professor 
(Head of Department)
Electrical Power Systems, AI Techniques in Power Systems, MATLAB in Power Systems  5280 mathurhd Personal Website
Dr. Chandra Shekhar
Sr. Professor Emeritus
VLSI, Embedded System, Microelectronics  5439 chandra.shekhar  
Dr. S Gurunarayanan
Embedded Systems, Digital Design, VLSI Architecture 5239 sguruPersonal Website
Dr. V K Chaubey
Optical Wave Guides and Integrated Optics, Wireless & Optical Communication 5280 vkcPersonal Website
Dr. Surekha Bhanot
Virtual Instrumentation, AI Techniques in Instrumentation & Process Control, Biomedical Signal Processing 5307surekhaPersonal Website
Dr. Anu Gupta
Low power Mixed Signal VLSI Design, HDL Synthesis and FPGA Architectures, Low Power Analog and Digital Circuits Design, ASIC Design  5674 anug Personal Website
Dr. Hari Om Bansal
Associate Professor  
Electrical Power System, Voltage Stability Analysis, Control System A I Techniques 5332hbansal Personal Website
Dr. Navneet Gupta
Associate Professor 
Device Modeling, Computational Material Science, Electromagnetics and Antennas  5611 ngupta
Personal Website
Dr. Dheerendra Singh
Associate Professor
Power Electronics, Power System, Hybrid Compensators, FACT and HVDC  5623  dhs  Personal Website
Dr. Karunesh Kr Gupta
Digital Signal Processing , Instrumentation  5460 kgupta Personal Website
Dr. Abhijit Rameshwar Asati Associate 
High Performance VLSI Data Path Design, Microprocessor Design, Micro-coded Controller Design, NBTI Degradation Issues  5630 abhijit_asati Personal Website
Dr. Rajneesh Kumar
Assistant Professor 
Electronics and Control, Soft Switching Invertors  5624 rajneesh Personal Website
Dr. Praveen Kumar A.V
Assistant Professor 
Microwave electronics - antennas and material characterization,
Particle accelerators - RF cavity and beam dynamics
 5723 praveen.kumar Personal Website
Dr. Rahul Singhal
Assistant Professor
Optical Waveguides and Devices, Antenna & Wave Propagation, Radio-Over-Fiber/FSO  5831 rahulsinghal Personal Website
Dr. Ananthakrishna Chintanpalli
Assistant Professor
Biomedical Signal Processing, Auditory Models, Digital Signal Processing, Speech Processing and Perception, Time-Frequency analyses.5862 anantha.krishnaPersonal Website
Dr. Sainath Bitragunta
Assistant Professor
Communication Systems, Modeling, Design, and analysis  5848 sainath.bitragunta Personal Website
Dr. Arnab Hazra
Assistant Professor
Electronic Devices, Nanomaterials, Graphene, Chemical Sensor, Resistive RAM  5724 arnab.hazra Personal Website
Dr. Pawan Kamalkishor Ajmera
Assistant Professor
Signal Processing, Biometrics  5859 pawan.ajmera Personal Website
Dr. Nitin Chaturvedi
Assistant Professor
VLSI Design, Computer Architecture  5825 nitin80 Personal Website
Dr. Vinay Chamola
Assistant Professor
Green Cellular networks, Internet of Things, Renewable energy powered systems  5869 vinay.chamola Personal Website
Dr. Puneet Mishra
Assistant Professor
Process Control, Intelligent Adaptive Control, Control Valves  5875 puneet.mishra Personal Website
Dr. Sujan Yenuganti
Assistant Professor
Design and development of sensors using smart materials  5699 yenuganti.sujan Personal Website
Dr. Bijoy Krishna Mukherjee
Assistant Professor
Control Systems  5872 bijoy.mukherjee Personal Website
Dr. Syed Mohammad Zafaruddin
Assistant Professor
Communications Systems, Distributed Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Wireless Sensor Networks, 5G, DSL.  5871 syed.zafaruddin Personal Website
Dr. Meetha .V. Shenoy
Assistant Professor
Embedded Systems, Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks, VLSI Architectures  5873 meetha.shenoy Personal Website
Dr. Pankaj Arora
Assistant Professor
Nano-photonics and Microelectronics
Personal Website
Dr. G Sai Sesha Chalapathi 
Assistant Professor
Internet of Things, Edge Computing and Embedded Systems  5880 gssc Personal Website
Dr. Aditya R. Gautam
Assistant Professor
 Power electronics and control5856 aditya.gautam Personal Website
Dr. Ashish Patel 
Assistant Professor 
Renewable energy, microgrids, Power electronics for renewable energy
 5829ashish.patel Personal Website
Dr. Shishir Maheshwari
Assistant Professor
Signal and image analysis, machine/deep learning for bio-medical based applications
5767 shishir.maheshwariPersonal Website
Dr. Satyendra Kumar Mourya
Assistant Professor
Semiconductor materials and devices, VLSI technology, Solid state gas sensors, Optoelectronics, Nanoelectronics, Thin films fabrication using PVD, SiC based electron devices, Electrochromic devices5676 satyendra.mourya
Personal Website
Dr. Sandeep
Assistant Professor 
Wireless communications, B5G/6G communication systems
 Personal Website
Prof. Raj Singh
VLSI, Embedded System, Microelectronics 5826raj.singh  
Mr. Devesh Samaiya
Assistant Professor, Gr.-II 
Embedded Systems, Visual Information Processing, Multimedia Systems, Open Hardware  5705 devesh.samaiya Personal Website
Mr. Karri Babu Ravi Teja 
Assistant Professor, Gr.-II 
VLSI Design, Semiconductor Devices and IC Technology 5860 baburaviteja.k Personal Website
Mr. S.Harshavardhan
Assistant Professor, Gr.-II 
Image Processing, Signal Processing, and Communication 5807 s.harsha Personal Website
Mr. Ankush Jahagirdar
Assistant Professor, Gr.-II 
Machine Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis, Signal Processing & Soft Computing Techniques, Vibration and Acoustic Measurements, Process Control
Personal Website

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