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Off Campus Ph.D

Geared for All-Round Growth

Off Campus Ph.D

Forging strong links with industry has always been one of our key focus areas. As part of this thrust, we are glad to bring a unique opportunity for experienced personnel and professionals of high standing and proven competence engaged in various industries, R&D organisations. This option gives professionals the flexibility to work towards their Ph.D. degree in the settings of their respective work environments. This initiative makes it possible for practicing professionals to be offered the same challenges and standards which traditionally have been open only to teachers in universities.

Features and components –

  • Course work, if necessary;
  • Qualifying Examination
  • Foreign Language, when required
  • Teaching Practice/Practice Lecture Series
  • Seminar/Independent Study
  • Ph.D. Thesis.

The various categories of Ph.D. candidates are given below:

  • Ph.D. Aspirant: is defined as a person who makes a formal application with required details under the various enabling clauses, for taking the Qualifying Examination directly, without having been formally admitted as a Ph.D. student.
  • Ph.D. Provisional: A person who has been provisionally admitted to the Ph.D. programme but is yet to take the Qualifying Examination.

Admission to Ph.D. Programmes

a) What are the various cases under which a candidate is eligible to enter under the category 'Ph.D. Aspirant'?

The various cases under which students can be admitted as Ph. D aspirant are:

  • The candidate has a formal higher degree which is the minimum qualification for the Ph.D. programme; namely M.E./M.E. (Coll.)/ M.Phil./ M.Phil.(Applied)/ M.Pharm./M.S. of BITS or an equivalent degree from another university of repute.
  • The candidate is a professional of high standing and proven competence not possessing a higher degree but whose experience can measure upto a higher degree.
  • The candidate has cleared all courses towards gaining a higher degree its equivalent from our institute without completing the degree.


  • A 'Ph.D. Aspirant' can seek permission to appear in Ph.D. Qualifying Examination before the formalities of admission to Ph.D. programme are completed.
  • All 'Ph.D. Aspirants after passing the Qualifying Examination shall seek formal admission to the Ph.D. programme at the earliest opportunity available to them and register for the Ph.D. Courses.

b) Who can enter as a 'Ph.D. Provisional'?

  • A fresh graduate with only a first degree or a dual degree of BITS or its equivalent.
  • A candidate between the first degree and higher degree of BITS or its equivalent.
  • A candidate holding a formal higher degree.

Candidates not eligible to become 'Ph.D. Aspirants' can seek direct admission to the Ph.D. programme which shall be provisional in the first instance. The admission will be formalised only after the student passes the ‘Qualifying Examination’. All candidates admitted as 'Ph.D. Provisional' may have to complete courses of a higher degree from BITS before they can appear in the Qualifying Examination. Higher degree courses offered through distance learning programmes from our Institute can also form a valid package.

Operational Features

a) Place of work:

  • On-Campus : BITS Campus at Pilani.
  • Off-campus Centre: Any of the Off-Campus centres of BITS where Practice School or Distance Learning programmes are conducted. Organisations having research linkages with BITS are also eligible.
  • Outside Centre: In worthy circumstances, an outside centre not covered by the above may be approved.

b) Topic of Thesis:

From areas of focus of the Institute or from problems of intimate concern to the in-house R & D needs of the host organisation.

c) Supervisor:

Subject to final approval by the Research Board, technically any person of standing, authority and competence can become a Supervisor for the Ph.D. thesis. A supervisor at any point of time is any senior faculty member of the Institute or a person with equivalent responsibility in the campus or in an off-campus centre. However, rules also provide eligibility to any outstanding person outside the Institute and the name can be suggested by the candidate.

d) Places and Dates of Qualifying Examination:

Normally arranged in January, March, August and October each year at Pilani but may also be arranged on other dates or at an off-campus centre with prior approval.

Grants and Scholarships

This year the Institute continued its ongoing projects and took up certain new projects for the development of various laboratories. Different Government agencies and Enterprise sanctioned these projects and provided grants for them.

An Institution Deemed to be University estd. vide Sec.3 of the UGC Act,1956 under notification # F.12-23/63.U-2 of Jun 18,1964

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