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66. R. K. Jaiman, P. S. Gurugubelli, "Large Amplitude Flapping of an Inverted Elastic Foil in Uniform Flow with Spanwise Periodicity", Journal of Fluids and Structures 2019. Click here

65.  D.K. Dwivedi, R.S. Vidyarthy, Effect of shielding gas composition and activating flux on the weld bead morphology of the P91 ferritic/martensitic steel,Materials Research Express 2019. Click here

64.  A. Bharadwaj, A K Gupta, Characterization of Mechanical and Microstructural Properties of Constrained Groove Pressed Nitinol Shape Memory Alloy for Biomedical Applications,Material Science and engineering 2019. Click here

63. Gauri Mahalle, S K Singh, Y. C. Lin, N. Kotkunde, A K Gupta, R. Sujith, Microstructure Characteristics and Comparative Analysis of Constitutive models for Flow Stress Prediction of Inconel 718 alloy,Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 2019. Click here

62. N.S.Reddy, U.K. Jinaga, B.R. Cheruku, A.V.S.Siva Prasad, P.K. Penumakala, Failure analysis of AA8011-pultruded GFRP adhesively bonded similar and dissimilar joints, International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives 2019. Click here

61. I.Vamsi, G.R.Sabareesh,Supradeepan. K, P.K.Penumakala, Integrated Condition Monitoring Scheme for Bearing Fault Diagnosis of a Wind Turbine Gearbox, Journal of Vibration and Control 2019. Click here

60. K. Anwar, S S Deshmukh, Parametric Study for the Prediction of Wind Energy Potential over Southern Part of India using Neural Network and GIS Approach,Journal of Power and Energy 2019. Click here

59. Deepak Nabapure, Ram Chandra Murthy K, Simulation of Flow in Single and Double-Sided Lid Driven Square Cavities by Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method,Thermal Science 2019. Click here

58. Gauri Mahalle, Omkar Salunke, Nitin Kotkunde, Swadesh Kumar Singh, Artificial Neural Network Modeling of Anisotropic Mechanical Properties and Work Hardening Behavior for Inconel 718 Alloy at Elevated Temperatures,Journal of Materials Research and Technology 2019. Click here

57.  R. Sujith, P. K.Chauhan, J. Gangadhar, A. Maheshwari, Graphene nanoplatelets dispersed silicon oxycarbide polymer derived nanocomposites,Scientific Reports 2019. Click here

56. P. K. Chauhan, R. Sujith, R. Parameshwaran, A. V. S. Siva Prasad, Role of polysiloxanes in the synthesis of aligned mesoporous polymer derived ceramics,Ceramics International 2019. Click here

55. I.Vamsi, G.R.Sabareesh, P.K.Penumakala, "Comparison of condition monitoring techniques in assessing fault severity for a wind turbine gearbox under non-stationary loading,Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 2019. Click here

54. Madan Mohan Reddy Nune and Kiran C.P (2019): Development, Characterization, and Evaluation of Novel Eco-Friendly Metal Working Fluid,Measurement 2019. Click here

53. Shanmukhasundaram V R, Y V D Rao, S P Regalla, Enumeration of displacement graphs of epicyclic gear train from a given rotation graph using concept of building of kinematic units,Mechanism and Machine Theory 2019. Click here

52. Swagatika Mohanty, Y V D Rao, S P Regalla, Robert assisted incremental sheet forming under different forming condition,Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering 2019. Click here

51. Satya Suresh V V N, S. P. Regalla, A. K. Gupta, Minimization of weld assisted movement in heat assisted forming of tailor welded blanks,Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science 2018. Click here

50. V. Venkateswara Rao, R. Parameshwaran, V. Vinayaka Ram, PCM-mortar based construction materials for energy efficient buildings: A review on research trends,Energy and Buildings 2018. Click here

49. K.R. Suresh Kumar, R. Parameshwaran, S. Kalaiselvam, Preparation and characterization of hybrid nanocomposite embedded organic methyl ester as phase change material,Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 2017. Click here

48. Sravan Kumar Josyula and Suresh Kumar Reddy Narala. Performance enhancement of cryogenic machining and its effect on tool wear during turning of Al-TiCp composites,Journal Machining Science and Technology 2017. Click here

47. Rakesh Kumar Gunda and Suresh Kumar Reddy Narala. Electrostatic high-velocity solid lubricant machining system for performance improvement of turning Ti6Al4V alloy. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers,Journal of Engineering Manufacture 2017. Click here

46. Sravan Kumar Josyula and Suresh Kumar Reddy Narala. Machinability enhancement of stir cast Al-TiCp composites under cryogenic condition,Journal-Materials and Manufacturing Processes 2017. Click here

45. Bader Al-Aifan, R. Parameshwaran, Kushagra Mehta, and R. Karunakaran. Performance evaluation of a combined variable refrigerant volume and cool thermal energy storage system for air conditioning applications, 2017. Click here

44. S.P. Datta and P.K. Das. Performance of an automotive air conditioning system with the variation of state-of-charge of the storage battery, 2017. Click here

43. Nitin Kotkunde, Geetha Krishna, Shyam Krishna Shenoy, Amit Kumar Gupta, and Swadesh Kumar Singh. Experimental and theoretical investigation of forming limit diagram for Ti-6Al-4V alloy at warm condition, 2017. Click here

42. A Marques, Suresh Kumar Reddy Narala, AR Machado, Rakesh Kumar Gunda, Sravan Kumar Josyula, RB Da Silva, and MB Da Silva. Performance assessment of MQSL: Minimum quantity solid lubricant during turning of inconel 718. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 2017. Click here

41. Rakesh Kumar Gunda and Suresh Kumar Reddy Narala. Evaluation of friction and wear characteristics of electrostatic solid lubricant at different sliding conditions, 2017. Click here

40. Nadimpalli Raghukiran, Ravindran Sujith, Harshal Agrawal, Rajashekhara Shabadi, and Ravi Kumar. In situ age hardening and grain refinement in as-sprayed Al-Sc binary alloy deposits, 2017. Click here

39. Rakesh Kumar Gunda and Suresh Kumar Reddy Narala. Tribological studies to analyze the effect of solid lubricant particle size on friction and wear behaviour of Ti-6Al-4V alloy, 2016. Click here

38. Devasenan Madhesh, Rajagopalan Parameshwaran, and Siva Kalaiselvam. Experimental studies on convective heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of metal and metal oxide nano fluids under turbulent flow regime, 2016. Click here

37. S.P. Datta, P.K. Das, and S. Mukhopadhyay. Performance of a condenser of an automotive air conditioner with maldistribution of inlet air simulation studies and its experimental validation, 2016. Click here

36. Rinu Thomas, M. Sreesankaran, Jeevan Jaidi, Dileep M. Paul, and P. Manjunath. Experimental evaluation of the effect of compression ratio on performance and emission of si engine fuelled with gasoline and n-butanol blend at different loads. Perspectives in Science, 2016. Click here

35. Uma Maheshwera Reddy Paturi and Suresh Kumar Reddy Narala. Constitutive flow stress formulation for aeronautic aluminum alloy AA7075-T6 at elevated temperature and model validation using Finite element simulation. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 2016. Click here

34. Nitin Kotkunde, Sashank Srinivasan, Geetha Krishnan, Amit Kumar Gupta, and Swadesh Kumar Singh. Influence of material models on theoretical forming limit diagram prediction for Ti6Al4V alloy under warm condition, 2016. Click here

33. Suresh Kurra, Nasih HR, Srinivasaprakash Regalla, and Amit Kumar Gupta. Parametric study and multi-objective optimization in single-point incremental forming of extra deep drawing steel sheets. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 2016. Click here

32. Sravan Kumar Josyula and Suresh Kumar Reddy Narala. Experimental investigation on tribological behaviour of al-ticp composite under sliding wear conditions. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 2016. Click here

31. Amit Kumar Gupta, Sharath Chandra Guntuku, Raghuram Karthik Desu, and Aditya Balu. Optimisation of turning parameters by integrating genetic algorithm with support vector regression and artificial neural networks, 2015. Click here

30. Uma Maheshwera Reddy Paturi and Suresh Kumar Reddy Narala. On a novel solid lubricant technique: A study on the tribological characteristics under dry slide condition. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 2015. Click here

29. Syed Mujahed Hussaini, Geetha Krishna, Amit Kumar Gupta, and Swadesh Kumar Singh. Development of experimental and theoretical forming limit diagrams for warm forming of austenitic stainless steel 316, 2015. Click here

28. Hossam A Kishawy, Narala SK Reddy, Amirmohammad Ghandehariun, and Hussein M Abdelmoneam. On a novel solid lubricant coated cutting tool: Experimental investigation and Finite element simulations. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 2015. Click here

27. Kurra Suresh, Sree Divya Bagade, and Srinivasa Prakash Regalla. Deformation behavior of extra deep drawing steel in single-point incremental forming, 2015. Click here

26. Suresh Kurra, Nasih Hifzur Rahman, Srinivasa Prakash Regalla, and Amit Kumar Gupta. Modeling and optimization of surface roughness in single point incremental forming process, 2015. Click here

25. Jayahari Lade, Balu Naik Banoth, Amit Kumar Gupta, and Swadesh Kumar Singh. Metallurgical studies of austenitic stainless steel 304 under warm deep drawing, 2014. Click here

24. Nitin Kotkunde, Aditya D. Deole, Amit Kumar Gupta, and Swadesh Kumar Singh. Experimental and numerical investigation of anisotropic yield criteria for warm deep drawing of Ti6Al4V alloy, 2014. Click here

23. Swadesh Kumar Singh and Amit Kumar Gupta. Comparison of ironing in warm and hydromechanical deep drawing of low carbon steel. In Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies XV, volume 773 of Materials Science Forum, 2014. Click here

22. Uma Maheshwera Reddy Paturi, Suresh Kumar Reddy Narala, and Rajdeep Singh Pundir. Constitutive flow stress formulation, model validation and FE cutting simulation for AA7075-T6 aluminum alloy. Materials Science and Engineering, 2014. Click here

21. Satish Kumar Dubey and P. Srinivasan. Development of three dimensional transient numerical heat conduction model with growth of oxide scale for steel billet reheat simulation, 2014. Click here

20. Nitin Kotkunde, Aditya D. Deole, Amit Kumar Gupta, Swadesh Kumar Singh, and B. Aditya. Failure and formability studies in warm deep drawing of Ti6Al4V alloy, 2014. Click here

19. Nitin Kotkunde, Hansoge Nitin Krishnamurthy, Pavan Puranik, Amit Kumar Gupta, and Swadesh Kumar Singh. Microstructure study and constitutive modeling of Ti6Al4V alloy at elevated temperatures, 2014. Click here

18. Nitin Kotkunde, Aditya D. Deole, Amit Kumar Gupta, and Swadesh Kumar Singh. Comparative study of constitutive modeling for Ti6Al4V alloy at low strain rates and elevated temperatures, 2014. Click here

17. Suresh Kurra and Srinivasa Prakash Regalla. Experimental and numerical studies on formability of extra-deep drawing steel in incremental sheet metal forming. Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 3(2):158-171, 2014. Click here

16. Amit Kumar Gupta, Hansoge Nitin Krishnamurthy, Yashjeet Singh, Kaushik Manga Prasad, and Swadesh Kumar Singh. Development of constitutive models for dynamic strain aging regime in austenitic stainless steel 304, 2013. Click here

15. C. Phaneendra Kiran and Shibu Clement. Surface quality investigation of turbine blade steels for turning process, 2013. Click here

14. Amit Kumar Gupta, V.K. Anirudh, and Swadesh Kumar Singh. Constitutive models to predict flow stress in austenitic stainless steel 316 at elevated temperatures, 2013. Click here

13. Arshad Javed and BK Rout. Tolerance range section of topologically optimized structure using combined array design of experiments approach. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 2013. Click here

12. Amit Kumar Gupta, Swadesh Kumar Singh, Swathi Reddy, and Gokul Hariharan. Prediction of flow stress in dynamic strain aging regime of austenitic stainless steel 316 using artificial neural network, 2012. Click here

11. Arshad Javed and BK Rout. Investigation on parametric sensitivity of topologically optimized structures. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 2012. Click here

10. A.M. Jinturkar and S.S. Deshmukh. A fuzzy mixed integer goal programming approach for cooking and heating energy planning in rural India, 2011. Click here

9. A.M. Jinturkar and S. S. Deshmukh. Optimization of energy resources for cooking and heating a fuzzy goal programming approach, 2011. Click here

8. N. Suresh Kumar Reddy and Mohammed Nouari. The influence of solid lubricant for improving tribological properties in turning process, 2011. Click here

7. Swadesh Kumar Singh, Amit Kumar Gupta, and K. Mahesh. A study on the extent of ironing of EDD steel at elevated temperature, 2010. Click here

6. Swadesh Kumar Singh and Amit Kumar Gupta. Application of support vector regression in predicting thickness strains in hydro-mechanical deep drawing and comparison with ann and fem, 2010. Click here

5. Swadesh Kumar Singh, K. Mahesh, and Amit Kumar Gupta. Prediction of mechanical properties of extra deep drawn steel in blue brittle region using artificial neural network. Materials &, 2010. Click here

4. Amit Kumar Gupta. Predictive modelling of turning operations using response surface methodology, artificial neural networks and support vector regression, 2010. Click here

3. Narala Suresh Kumar Reddy, Mohammed Nouari, and Minyang Yang. Development of electrostatic solid lubrication system for improvement in machining process performance, 2010. Click here

2.  N S K Reddy and M Yang. Development of an electrostatic lubrication system for drilling of SCM 440 steel. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture, 2010. Click here

1. A. M. Jinturkar, S. S. Deshmukh, S. V. Agarkar, and G. R. Chavhan. Determination of water quality index by fuzzy logic approach: a case of groundwater in an Indian town, 2010. Click here

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